Thursday, September 01, 2011

What smells like feet in heer?

There has been an incursion lately of bad smells into the Tiny House.

Currently the bad smell is like, um......unwashed bellybutton.

Or Parmesan cheese. Or really stinky feet in mesh shoes that are holding in some of the stink but not all so that you HOPE TO GOD ( The Capital G one, even!) those shoes don't come off that person's feet, ever, unless in a typhoon of hot water and lemon juice. And then maybe not even then.

It's funkay all up in hyar, and I am not a fan.

Listen, I'm a breeder of funky myself, and I am NOT talking the George Clinton variety. Oh noes. I simply can funk, Level 1, on occasion. GC could go to level 2, do the funk while being funky, or could be funky while funking, and that is OK and cool, because multiplexing the funk is awesome, but even ol' GC would shower from time to time, thus bringing the funkage to a Level 1 alert on occasion. HOWEVER - Whatever is breeding the 'woo!' around these parts is most assuredly NOT also bringing to "WOO!" to the party, a disappointing turn of events as there shall be no dancing tonight...and designating a Level 1 stink-only funk to this occasion.

And lo, doth I blame the cats.

But I do not know this: can cats smell like old cheese soup? If they do, is this a costly issue? And if so, how costly?

Curious minds want to know.

And maybe I should just go do the dishes and wash my upper lip, thereby perhaps avoiding a vet bill. Other vet-averse suggestions are welcome.

Tiff out.

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