Sunday, May 08, 2011


(ED note: thanks to LL, I stand corrected on the Kentucky Derby was Saturday. D'OH!)

Reason to have a party #1
- the Kentucky Derby is today! Break out the big hats and the bourbon, we gonna get wild for 2 minutes and then eat things that are bad for us.

There is a family in our neighborhood (well, OK, on the edge of our Mill Village neighborhood - they live in the house that used to be the mill supervisor's, so it's a touch more grand than the mill houses, but like 4 times.) who throws a Kentucky Derby party every year. Convenient, really, as the event is always on a Sunday in May, so the weather is generally nice and pretty much everybody has the day off. They do it up big, with hats and porch festivities and lots and lots of people, and it looks really fun, but nobody has ever invited us so I can't vouch for the quality of the offerings or company.

Reason #2 to have a party - it's Mother's Day, and my Mom deserves a party. Seriously, the woman taught me to drive, and with my terrible depth perception that could NOT have been an easy task. Also, she's my Mom, which makes her awesome, because if I'm awesome then I had to get it from someplace, and let's face it, I'm probably twice as awesome as most people so at least one full dose must have come from her (unless, of course, she's 4X awesome and my Dad didn't contribute any awesome at all, but I don't think that was the case as my Dad was pretty dang awesome too). So, at least one full dose of awesome from om, which is pretty awesome.

I love my Mom, and though we have our differences, I always will love my Mom. Because, as just mentioned, my Mom is awesome. Probably more awesome than your Mom, so I'm sorry about that, but that's how it goes sometimes. My Mom was on the field hockey team, for goodness sake, can your Mom say that?

Case closed.

Reason #3 to have a party, and the real reason why I'm about to make homemade chocolate cake: It's Biff's birthday.

May I just share a little secret with you about that man? I think his parents were both 2X awesome, and it's a dominant trait, because he is the most awesome guy ever ever on the face of this or any other planet, and lo I would argue with you until I'm blue in the face if you were to try to promote some other man ahead of him in the awesome derby. You would not win that argument, because not only do I have a large stock of awesome things he is and does to fall back on for opening, rebuttal, and closings, I am devious and sneaky and would try to make you AGREE with me, and pretty soon you'd be Daffy Ducking your way to 'Duck Theathon!' and I'd still win, so don't even start with me.

For he is awesome. Just today at church he was featured in an intro video piece about 'being an influencer,' and I about swooned when his do-ragged, carpenter-pencil-totin' noggin appeared on screen. Lordy, that man is good-looking, but even if he wasn't my opinion of him wouldn't change, as he is, as mentioned, awesome. Well-stocked in skills, intelligence, empathy, humor, insight, energy, and love, the man is fully enough reason to celebrate this day.

So, even though homemade chocolate cake isn't really enough of a tribute to just how much I think of him, and the few presents I bought are mere tokens of my affection, a party in his honor we shall have, and I don't even CARE that it's Mother's Day and I should be hanging out in my PJs with a glass of wine, a good book, and my teen boys at my beck and call! For in a few weeks it is my birthday, and that's what I'll ask for. :)

Devious, remember?

  • To all the moms out there - I appreciate all of you for the hard work it is to raise children to become useful citizens.
  • To my Mom - thanks for not drowning me when I deserved it (see 1974-1980, or maybe 1990).
  • To the horses about to run in the Derby - don't break a leg!
  • To Biff - happy birthday to the very best LOML that ever was made. You do, in fact, rock.
Tiff out.

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