Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Cats, aliens, and hot sauce. Sounds like an episode of Alf.

Eric the cat has spent much of the day cataranging around the house like a madman. As a result of all the careening around, he'd been awake far too long, and was, until recently, in danger of not getting his recommended 22.5 hours of sleep a day.

Well, no more. He's comfortably ensconced on my backpack, which is on the kitchen table. His head is resting on some papers I need to do my work, which I suppose is pretty typical for cat behavior.

Eric normally sleeps sort of upside down, which basically means that while his body might be on its side, the top of his head is what's touching what's underneath him. I do not understand how this could be comfortable, and yet he persists. Lola, his sister, does not do this, for it is wildly undignified and she wouldn't dream of doing anything less than dainty. Eric, because he is a cat for whom the descriptor 'dainty' will likely never be used, clearly doesn't care - he lays on/in/over whatever and wherever he wants, in whatever style he wants.

For now, he clearly wants to save me from doing paperwork, for which I thank him.


'District 9' - have you seen it?

We watched it last night. Streamed it from Netflix through the new BluRay player onto our BAT, as a matter of fact. Yet another chunk of the 21st century has invaded the Tiny House, and I am a fan. What could be MORE convenient, and there is NOTHING to do but click a couple of buttons! Awesome.

Here is my review of the movie: Rocked. See it. Go click your own couple of buttons, grab the popcorn and remote, and start streamin'. Itsa lotta fun, that one.


Who decided to make Sriracha so dang good? Shepard's pie + Sriracha = deliciousness. I could talk for a half an hour about what it does to perk up chicken soup. Or mac n' cheese. Or marinades. Teh glorious yum, that stuff, but wickedly mouthsearingly hot, so if you're not familiar, and decide to try it on my recommendation, START SMALL. One or 2 drops is plenty for novices, trust me.

Even as delish as it is, there are limitations to its use. Some foods I do not think it would taste good with are as follows: brownies, applesauce, milk, tea, banana bread, most cake varieties, and breakfast cereal. Otherwise, pretty much everything else could benefit from a splash of fiery red chili sauce (formerly appeared as 'cause.' Thanks to Kenju for correcting me!).

Have I missed anything? Offer up YOUR thoughts in a comment. IF YOU DARE.


That's it from here. Got to get a shower to warm up (why no, the heat does NOT work, thanks for asking, but by Friday it will so yay) so I can put a bra on without giving myself goosebumps, run a few errands, and return to this cozy kitchen chair to finish putting in my 8 hours.

I hope you're rocking this humpday like Bruce Sprinsteen in tight jeans.

Tiff out.

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