Monday, August 16, 2010

a whole new world

There was an open house at Thing 1's high school today. HIGH SCHOOL. Yeeesh.

The school has been undergoing extensive remodeling over the past year, and now is shiny and bright throughout. Clean floors, unmarked walls, the fresh smell of new everything. I could tell he was excited to be there, and was gratified to see the reactions of the kids he knew, to the point that 1) some chick literally jumped into his arms, and 2) one of his buddies did the whole 'shove your friend around so he knows you're happy to see him' thing. Such are the complexities of being a teenager - how DOES one adequately express friendship? I suppose direct physical assault is one way; clearly it's the accepted norm at his school.

It took only about 20 minutes of walking around to once again wish that school uniforms were more on trend, because Lord have I seen enough teen girl bottoms clad in extra-teeny shorts. Oh and teen boys are still getting away with wearing super-huge clothes, unless they're on the football team which of course means they wear really tight tees with the team logo so as to better advertise their physical prowess and show off the guns to the girls in the teeny shorts. All those hormones floatin' around were almost enough to make my tired old ovaries perk up a little. One can only imagine what will be going on in the new parking deck after school...which will likely be no different than what went on under the bleachers at MY high school.

I am SO not ready for this.




About a year ago we redid most of the bathroom, from installing a new sinktop, hardware, flooring, toilet, and tub with tile surround. The place was looking pretty sharp, except for the paint. It's not that the paint was old or gross, because we had repainted it after the new floor went in and at the time it pretty much matched the old tub and countertop, but once the new stuff was all in it was clear that paint job is entirely the wrong color.

Guess that's what you get for using whatever you have lying around.

In a fit of "I'm tired of this let's do something about it and oh by that way honey would you please join me on a busman's holiday and replace the trim that's been off for the last 6 months," the Biffster and I went a shoppin' this weekend for supplies to finally git 'er done right.

And lo, I am happy with how it's turning out. We chose a deep rich oxblood ('toasted cinnamon' is what it's called, but oxblood is way more awesome a name, wouldn't you agree?) for the walls above the chair rail, and a bright bone color will go on the trim and the wall below the chair rail. We got the idea from a design website for small bathrooms, so we're being totally fashion-savvy, eh?

Even with only the dark paint on, and only with one coat of that (it will take 2), I'm already loving the change. The old all-wrong buttery yellow (I think that one was called 'eggnog' or something), that looked far too mental institution for comfort, is being overtaken with a color that is as rich as fudge and, as an unexpected bonus, is far more kind to the skin tones.

I'm really looking forward to seeing the rest of the paint go on. The combination of oxblood and bone, while decidedly macabre sounding, is going to make that room as luxurious as a Sunday afternoon nap.

Now, to find the perfect shower curtain...maybe something with an abattoir design just to keep the theme going.

Oh wait, we already have one of these (-->) - that might just do! What do you think? Bold design choice or proof that I've gone completely off the deep end?


And that's it's from here today. It's time to get ready to hit the carpool line at the middle school to rescue Thing 2 from a long bus ride home.

(That rhythmic thumping you hear is the sound of me patting my own back at the Momming skillz I got going on today. If it weren't for the giant pile of dishes in the sink and the even larger pile of laundry on our bed, I might just believe I Have It All Together today!)

Y'all rock on.

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