Monday, August 23, 2010

a dozen simians, well at least they're not bleeding, and that other thing

In an effort to keep up with dozen+-year-old pop culture, we watched (or 'rewatched' for at least one of us) "12 Monkeys" this weekend.

Once again, I was surprised at how good Bruce Willis is, and even more surprised at how effective Brad Pitt is as the insane-in-the-mainframe little rich boy. The woman who played the female lead? Meh - I began wondering how someone who has been abducted, tied up, locked in a car trunk, beaten by a pimp, and suffered other similar indignities could keep her lipstick so fresh. In other words - she's pretty forgettable (though her hair is fabulous).

One moment caught both our attention - In it, the Bruce Willis character, after a particularly nasty fight during which he killed a man, says in response to some hysteria-driven shrive by the female character, 'all I see are dead people.'

Four years later, 'The Sixth Sense' comes out.

Coincidence? Or did M Night Shamalama kype that one nugget and craft an entire marketing scheme around it with the omission of a word?



Also, we painted the bathroom. AGAIN.

Tiny House quote of the Week, uttered by Biff, is as follows: "the more I paint these walls, the more I hate them."

Clearly, the man doesn't see the individualistic beauty in bumpy, pitty, ripply walls. Walls that have seen many a coat of paint, that have the shabby chic elegance of a few sags, a few uneven spots, a bit of 'hard knock' about them.

And, well, I can understand that, because if I was to be astonishingly and brutally honest, those walls have gone beyond 'atmospheric' and dived straight into 'would be nice to rip them down and start over again if we had loads of time and money' pool. Time, of course, we're free to spend, but the money is being actively funneled into other accounts, so for now our compromise is going to be to replace the light fixtures with something that casts a bit more of a diffuse glow than what the current horribly ugly (think 1970's builder grade for one, and 'fart-fan-with-built-in-light' for the other) fixtures offer up.

Because really, why go to all the trouble to replace every stinking thing in the bathroom if all you're going to see when the lights are on is just how very badly you'd like to rip it all apart again? Add to that the danger of being married to a remodeler, and you can see that quick intervention on the 'atmospheric' front is crucial to avoiding demolition.

We'll see how well this course of action works. I can see the gleam in Biff's eye, and it speaks of demo and dust.


A couple of days ago I asked for a few good quotes on FB. Well, it appears that people have these things in virtual literary holsters and are not afraid of firing a few rounds therefrom.

The response was pretty awesome, is what I'm saying.

Over the next few weeks, I'm going to start using those quotes to riff on, following whatever Muse comes attached to them down whatever path she might take.

(are muses always girls? Because I'd really like to follow a hot young dude muse if I had the chance. One that looks a lot like Biff would be even more awesome, but then I might not get much musing done and instead occupy my time with more brainstemmy action. But I digress....)

So, yes. Some form of brainiacal pursuits might be in the offing, if I can kickstart that part of my mind into activity after a very long period of somnolence. Might be like waking up a hungry bear, or it might be more like wheedling and pleading with the Fates for just one little spark to ignite a wet mental mass of old newspapers and moldy leaves.

We'll see.

Oh, and if you have any shots of quotiness to hurl at me for possible use and abuse, feel free to leave 'em in the comments section. I'm looking for all the help I can get.

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