Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Product plug

Please be patient with me as I gush about a something.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a "shopper," so bear in mind that I might in fact be about to recommend to you something that's 1) been on the market for forever, 2) you've used for umpteen years already and have told all your besties about or 3) they're about to pull from the market.

No matter, I am undeterred. I am practicing being undeterred about my opinions for when I'm a very old lady indeed and insist on telling people about the 'wonderful new 8-track tape recorders' and 8-bit gaming systems. Oh, I'll be the hit of every rave, I will, with my support hose and quaint memories of what life was like before VR took over and how once upon a time we had to change batteries in our Walkman every few hours because the new-fangled skull stereo auto-juice up that plugs right into your armpit and uses coupled capacitors that run off the acid/base differential between plasma and lymph hadn't been invented yet...

(Someone get on inventing that. Sounds pretty cool. In 30 years I'll forget it was ever my idea, of course, but for now it seems it might just work. Maybe tuck in a back-up battery, just in case. A 9-volt should do.)

But I digress.

This is a post about beauty products! Or to be more precise, product, for there is only one new love of my makeup bag, and it is this: Maybelline Define a Lash, waterproof version.

The waterproof was key back a week or so when I got dipped, but it's the overall product that is keeping me coming back for more. There's a cute lime-green case, a nice bouncy brush (kind of odd, but you get used to it), that when wielded correctly results in a couple of quick coats growing your lashes to awesomely great lengths.

Now, I've heard those 'volume' lovers don't care for this mascara because it only lengthens them rather than imparting phat oomph, but my lashes are kind of sparse so I like to go LOOOONG when I can and this product totally rocks the length. I got bold the other day and did the lower lashes too, and had to take off half of what I applied because I looked like a dang Raggedy Ann doll. How cool is that??

Anyhow, if you're looking for a great little reasonably priced mascara to dress up your beach eyes, give this one a go. It does NOT come off in water (I recommend using Vaseline to remove it, as a matter of fact) so you can sweep your gorgeous fan of lashes at all the cuties you care to and still swim too!

And that's all I have to say about that.


Biff has made it to MI safely. Thanks to those who took the time to think of him on his long-ass drive, and to Tammie and her wonderful family for taking care of the Intrepid Wanderer once more.


I'm off to find out how to remove radioactive goo from down pillows. Y'all have a nice day.

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