Monday, June 21, 2010

Forecast: hot and heavy

The WeatherBug pictorial representation of the weather around these parts for the next 3 days features a huge sun and....a cactus.

Temps in the mid-90's and no rain for the foreseeable future. Yep, that pretty much equals a desert.


This, of course, is the best time to climb into a car and drive 800+ miles on the spur of the moment, which isn't as much kooky fun as it might seem when the spontaneous trip is to see to the arrangement of a relative's funeral and to do general post-passing cleanup.

As many of you on Facebook know, Biff's mom passed away last night, so he's on the road now, once again, to his home state to do what needs to be done in situations like this. Sadly, he and his sisters are almost old hands at this now, having just last month completed clearing out his Dad's house and successfully renting it out 5+ months after his Dad's untimely passing.

Being an expert at end-of-life stuff isn't really something most people are keen to aspire to. Unfortunately, some families don't get the option and have to deal with what life throws at them. The family is phenomenally strong, so there's no reason to expect problems, but dang. It's a little MUCH, don't you think? There's already been one Job, we know the lessons to learn, so I call enough already on behalf of their family.

One bright spot, if I might be so bold to suggest it, is that for many years his mom has been almost completely debilitated and in the care of a nursing home. I have to believe that she's far better off now, and on this the 42nd anniversary of her marriage to Biff's Dad, is celebrating their anniversary someplace celestial with a grand old party.


You might wonder why I'm not going with him, and it's a perfectly valid question being as we're married and all. The answer is: the Things are with us for the week, I'd have to take Thing 2 out of school to travel, the boys know nobody up there and would be bored to tears, we don't have a pet sitter, and I'm scheduled for surgery on Wednesday. Of course my place is at his side, and we did go over the logistics and logic of us ALL going, but in the end it was simplest and most sensible for me to stay here and steer the ship while he's involved in the business of wrapping things up.

Plus which, somebody's got to be here to pick the rapidly ripening tomatoes and keep the basil from bolting.

So, there's that.

Hope y'all are having a great time in your parts of the world. Enjoy every day, people!

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