Monday, August 10, 2009

Just another Saturday night

Went out to a bar Saturday night. A REAL bar, with a band and people and loudloud music and dancing and ALL! It was a hoot, especially the people-watching thing. Oh, the unlikely couples, the fancy-pants dressers, the dude with a toilet-paper tail…

Yep, fun.

By the time we got home though it was pretty much all I could do to take a shower to get the smoke stink out of my hair and then fall in bed. Can’t party like I used to, dudes. I’m getting old.


The big fun weekend of memory loss also included a vigorous lawn-mowing session. In the sun. The afternoon sun. The afternoon sun that I’m blaming for that fact that I raised 2 blisters on my thumbs, right in the softly folding meaty portion of my poor widdle tumkins. Mmm, blisters. A sign of work being done! HARD work. MANLY work!

And yet I’m just as girly as ever.

Which ain’t sayin’ much.


Weekends are starting to do something weird to my head: they’re making me forget workly work! Like, this morning I came into work and looked at my ‘job board’ and realized that if I didn’t have the job board? I’d completely forget about half of the stuff I’m supposed to do. As it is, I have to take a moment to remind myself what the projects are, what their status is, and who is working on it with me before the universe can right itself and continue spinning on its mysterious invisible axis toward whatever grim fate awaits it.


I’d kind of like to witness the universe ending. It would be cool, I bet. Or, possibly really really HOT, what with the surges of energy that will be released from the gigantic black hole that’s going to swallow us all up once we reach critical velocity and start collapsing in on ourselves in a headlong rush to oblivion. To see the gouts of plasma escaping even the most determined of singularities as it tries to swallow whole the sum total of existence would be a thing of great wonder and sadness, don’t you think?

How far away would you have to stand to safely muse on the view of a supermassive black hole destroying billions of beings, their planets, belief structures, civilizations, hopes and dreams? And would you have to wear protective goggles?

One wonders.


As Jeff Kay says, "I’m all over the place” with this post today. My apologies. I’ve gotten distracted by efforts to try and eradicate some spyware that snuck into my computer this afternoon. Using my VAST SCOPE of knowledge about things computer-y (because the IT guys weren’t answering their phones, FORCING me to take action on my own!), I #1 Put down the chair I was about to bash the damn thing with and then 2) scouted out all anti malware/spyware/icky things software installed on my ‘puter and RAN THEM.

Genius! I'm a tool user!

After a few reboots (all part of the process, you understand), it seems as though the issue is at least partially under control. The pop-ups things aren’t appearing and disappearing down on the lower right side of the screen, and the computer isn’t humming like it’s a kazoo player with lockjaw, and the glow of heat has settled down to a nice burnished umber, so things are looking up!


Now, for some reason, I would like a candy apple.

Mmmm, or a caramel apple.

Is it fruit, or is it dessert? Tell us your thoughts on this most pressing of issues, and have a lovely day.

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