Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Cannibal teeth and big ol' melons

Ah - an answer to my recent dental dilemma!

Apparently my teeth are Thompson's teeth!

Because lo, they did gnash and gnaw and render insufficient the restructuring of a previously bitten-off chunk of a back molar, which did prompt me to visit the dentist yesterday (as I alluded to in the baseball-themed post of yesterday).

Yes, Thompsons' teeth, the only teeth strong enough to eat....OTHER TEETH!

Clearly I am a visionary, and hope that this portends well for my fame a thousand years hence. Something must, because what I've been doing thus far will likely not see my name entered into any book of history...


My lack of fame is not like certain recently departed dude, who is already written in the history books for things positive and not. That's right, I'm talking Ted Kennedy, who, among his unfortunate not-positive marks on history is being one of the better examples of what is commonly known as "Big Irish Head Syndrome." Oh yes, ladies and gentlemen, the BIHS is REAL, and affects members of our society of every class, as long as someplace in their history they have a wee drop o' the Irish in them.

Don't know what I'm talking about? WITNESS!

Teddy in 1969:

(^Kind of hot, akshully)

And Recently:

Don't tell me you don't see it - the embiggening of his HEAD to abnormally large proportion over time. He is pratically the poster boy for BIHS, which conicidentlaly I also happen to suffer from (me being a tad Irish and all).

Ah Teddy, if you'd lived to 90, your head would have been too heavy to hold up, I'm sure. God bless ye then that you passed when you did. You fellow BISH sufferers wish you well, and hope like crazy that them being only part Irish will only see their heads expand to a fraction of your final enormous dome.


Gotta run folks. Once again, its Very Busy Day Indeed. Rock your day like an '80's Van Halen!!

Tiff out.

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