Sunday, July 05, 2009

Two things, wholly incongruous, that I find...striking

OK, it's been a long weekend. I promised myself time after time (Hi, Cyndi Lauper!) that I'd do productive things and 'get stuff done,' but in the end I just said fukkit and mostly loafed.

Hey, I have to get ready for VACATION next week. And my Bejeweled Blitz score needed tending to.

Being as how loafing is not anything anybody needs or wants to read about, I've chosen instead to post here a couple of things that made me come close to tears tonight, for two entirely different reasons. Hey man, tears of laughter and tears of joy - can YOU tell me which are better?

First off, the joy one...Switchfoot's '24'

The laughter one...Hitler finding out Michael Jackson is dead (Thanks for this to the one who KNOWS they sent it, but who might not want to be mentioned here as the kind of person who sends this kind of thing to people like me. I can totally respect that circumspection, honestly).

(Hardly any wine was involved in the writing of this post. I KNOW.)

Have a lovely night folks - I'll see you tomorrow, when life rights itself on a grindstone's axis and begins the merry march toward Friday again.

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