Friday, July 24, 2009

Tis is what happens when you let me work from home

I have been working at home today. Thus far, in addition to spending time actually working (SHOCKING!), this is what I've done:

- Played with the dog in the backyard
- Changed out of my PJs. At 1 p.m. Into another set of PJs. This time with some boobal support in case anyone stops by.
- Ate cold baked beans and Diet Squirt for lunch. Did not use a plate or cup for either. The Squirt? Was in a 2-liter bottle.
- Laid down at 2:30 and read for 15 minutes. BLISS.
- Decided 4:30 was long enough to wait for a cocktail.

I am totally into this working at home thing. Because even with all the apparent loafing, I have gotten a surprising amount of work done today. No underwire required.


The Tiny House is in dire need of a real honest-to-God cleaning. We make do around these parts by wiping down horizontal surfaces and running the odd broom around the gritty bits, but it's been way too long since every wee nook and adorable little cranny was investigated for gunk. I mean, I actually LOOKED at our bathroom sink today, and who'd-a thunk a vessel that sees so much soap and water could get so filthy? Even the floors, that were done completely to a perfect shine on Saturday are again in need of a scrubbing.

And let's not even begin on the paperwork. Holy stone cats, my friends, I have more filing to do than Courtney Love has body lice (or is it Amy Winehouse?). My recent attitude toward all things official has been "if they're not calling me to get something, then I must be on top of things" which of course is NOT a good way to go. At some point I must gird my tenderparts and dive into the mess, sorting responsibility from duplicates from junk, and hoping like hell any huge checks written to me I might find are still in-date.


Earlier today I was looking at pics of the town where I went to college (woot woot for Google maps!) and got VERY VERY wistful for that place. I don't know if there's anyplace else on this earth I long for as much as that silly town. Puffhead is going to be there this weekend, all the way from Germany, and I can't go see her because of 'life' and all that goes with it. She's going to be hanging out with lots of folks from back in the day, those lucky ones who decided to just stay put after school, or those who were townies and never felt the need to leave that little corner of paradise, and I am full of envy.

Which prompts me to start a-wondering, which of course leads to lots of questions. Questions like this one - what's your corner of heaven going to look like when you get there? Mine is for SURE full of Blue Ridge Mountains and the Shenandoah Valley, maybe like someplace out by Rawley Springs, with soft green rolls of earth crumpling toward a broad valley, hollers deep in shadow and hilltops bright in the morning sun, and a swimming hole right down that path there.

Enjoy it, Puff. And then do it again for me.

Tiff out.

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