Thursday, March 12, 2009

Things I did not know, until this morning

This morning, I had the following things in my mouth, ALL AT THE SAME TIME:

a cigarette filter-sized sponge thing
a cottonball-sized sponge thing
a water squirter tube
a water sucky-upper tube
a lil' mirror thing
a drill/goo squirter/UV light (Pick one)
my dentist's fingers

At one point, while the hygienist was hardening the filler goo with the UV light, the dentist was CRAMMING my tongue back into my throat, choking me almost completely dead. No, really. Very nearly completely. Between the practically upside-down position in which one is placed in the fancy-dan dentist chair, the plethora of crap shoved in my mouth (a 'juicy mouth' my dentist tells me, which I hope to heck is a good thing), and the sudden outpouring of snot that washed into my nasopharynx, there was no breathing to be done through either mouth OR nose.

Not a terribly happy position in which to find onesself.

I did, however, survive (as evidenced by this here post), and am now the happy owner of about a third of a new rear molar. No longer shall my tongue catch on the rough edges of the break, getting irritated for several days every once in a while. Nope - that's all gone. My first filling ever, complete.

Sigh. How quickly they grow up.

Sure hope y'all have been having a wonderful day. If so, keep up the good work. If not, won't you please start?

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