Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Casual Wednesday

Last day of the year, and I'm at work. Of course I am. Fortunately, I'm just about the only one, so that nobody will witness my mid-week leap into casual wear. The jeans are on, I'm wearing my absolute current favorite sweatshirt (mm, French terrycloth), and I have, once again, done NOTHING with my hair. Life is good, so long as no big bosses are planning to walk the building's corridors in search of people to wish a Happy New Year.

Being as how all the really big bosses are in another state, I'm thinking it's fairly safe to go potty from time to time. Maybe even as far as the coffee machine.

There's one other person in the cube farm today, and it's obvious that she's the proud owner of a laryngeal amphibian (AKA froggie in her throat). About every 20 second she clears her throat with a gurgly lil' 'ahem-hem-hem,' and it's about to drive me mad. If it keeps up, it may come to pass that she will be visited by me or one of my minions, who will urge her to just COUGH THAT EFFER UP and quit with the quasi-ladylike harumphing. Or at least go get me a cup of coffee, and grant me five minutes' peace.

Had breakfast at the local eatery this morning, and ate what may have been the best corned beef hash EVER. Farrago, if you're reading this, they've upped their game since we ate there. Not at all salty, hot on the inside and crispy on the outside, tiny potato cubes cooked perfectly. Mmmmm, hash. There was enough of it to be a meal all on its own, which was shame because that meant I had to give way my homefries to my dining partner. He was not getting my lovely grease-schmeared scrambled eggs though - I love the taste of that fake butter they use to grease the grill. Mmmm, griddle shortening.

After that auspicious beginning, what other way would be better to wrap up the Old Year than by going to Downtown Wake Forest (all two blocks of it) and participating in the 'First Light' celebrations? If by 'going down' you mean' staggering,' because this is, sadly, an alcohol-free event, perfect for the kiddies and Southern Baptists, but not so much for the very determined social drinker like me and so needs must that I should get my drink on BEFORE getting my New Years schwerve going. Sheesh - ring in the New Year SOBER? Are they kidding? Where's the holiday cheer in THAT? I just need to be there by 11 p.m. for the noisemaker check, that much is for sure.

Have a wonderful day folks - and happy end of the Old Year to all.

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