Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow, the season, and some headlines

It does too snow in North Carolina, but, sadly, not enough to cancel or delay school. Or work.

Thought you’d like to know.


Anyone started their holiday shopping yet? You do realize that ‘the big one’ is not but about a month away, don’t you?

I am proud to state that I have indeed started my shopping. Why, I’ve perused the lizard aisle of the local pet store, purchased a couple of CDs online, and am feelign on top of the world. Yes folks, with 30 days before the big event, I have but about 95% of my shopping left to do!

Thanksgiving must come first. The turkey and the stuffing and sides, the football and the parade (though they get more lame each year, or at least the coverage does), the bloat and cranberries, must all come before any serious planning for the last major ‘thing’ of the year is contemplated.

Oh, and also I must put aside the cold hard cash for tree buying, because that, my friends, is an expensive proposition down here. You’d think that with all the tree farms and such out in the western part of the state that trees would be a dime a dozen (or thereabouts), but no. A cool 80 bucks or so is needed to purchase the yearly conifer. Seriously! Even a tree compact enough to fit in the designated corner of the Tiny House’s living room is that much.

Makes me miss Connecticut, just a little. Up there, tree buying meant a quick schlep down to the Lion’s Club tree lot, where you could cut your own for 20 bucks and take home extra boughs for free. The Lion’s Club dudes would be gathered around a 55-gallon drum in which a fire was built, and point out the trees that had been claimed. Oh, they might help you with the sawing and such, but who wants that when one can get down and dirty on their own, hacking away at the trunk of their very own tree? Shoot, after getting that done, one can stroll across the street to the picturesque corner store and pick up a cuppa hot chocolate to warm those frigid fingers. It’s all very New England, and I miss it.

But still, snow here today. It feels a little like the right season now.

If only I could find a tree to tag.


Wal-Mart names Duke to succeed Scott as CEO

NC State Sorely disappointed.

Dr Pepper to deliver on its free-soda promise

Because captive soda is a global issue that needs to be addressed!

Dell 3Q profit falls as PC spending slows

Politically incorrect spending, however, boosted HP shares.

Model Karolina Kurkova voted world's sexiest woman

And she will EAT YOUR FACE if you disagree. Zoiks!

Have a terrific Friday, y’all. Tiff out.

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