Tuesday, November 04, 2008

No, I haven't

Haven't voted....yet. It's on the list for this afternoon's entertainments.

Instead of voting all willynilly this morning, as was the original plan, instead I spent some quality time reviewing my choices for offices from the largest to the (almost) very smallest. Dudes, I even went to see what the folks who are running for Commissioner of Agriculture had to say for themselves, and as a result I believe I am now able to make informed decisions.

This research is, I'm ashamed to say, far more than I've ever done before. This year, at long last, my choices are not going be based on a nice-sounding name, or party affiliation (TWO Libertarians have made my "vote for" list), or some other nebulous reason.

No political ad will sway my vote. Doing research is far better than all the bile-spewing, backhanded, dirty-laundry-airing, mudslinging, nauseatingly biased political barfing could ever do.

I'm not a fan of barfing, in any form. Those ads? Barf. Not a fan. Especially not in the 24-hour-a-day form that's been an infection on the airwaves for the last month. That's a lot of sick to clean up after.

Seriously, finding stuff out is NOT a huge time investment. The research took me about an hour. If you haven't voted yet, and hesitate to do so because you might not know enough about the candidates, then go ahead and spend an hour reading up on the people who will be setting policy, passing paws, handing out justice, determining the course of energy consumption or farmland use or tax incentives or liquor laws or whatever.

An hour. A small investment considering the impact it could have on the next several years in this country.

There's still time.

(UPDATE - just voted. It was easy. In and out in 5 minutes. I'm proud to wear that little sticker (tho' it's now in the laundry, along with the shirt I wore to work) because you know what? Voting, along with serving on juries, is the LEAST I can do for my country. Oh, and i also pay my taxes, and try to not break too many laws. God, I'm good.)


If you've already voted (and GOOD FOR YOU!), why not go visit Mojo, and Farrago, and Biff Spiffy for their recaps of Tiffowe'en? There are photos. Shameful, shameful photos. At least I know that my double chin has a strong genetic component....)

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