Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Hey y'all! I'm on an 'e-mail break' from the consarned 3-day meeting in which I'm trapped, and it's like a breath of fresh air. Just me, the computer, and the welcome silence of my own cubicle.


Not nice, and something I'm dreading with every moist molecule of me there is to dread, is this afternoon's 'team building' experience, which, I've hard, involves video cameras. Why, dear Lord, WHY? Is there no one who will speak out against this awful cruelty? Why must we, the great mass of self-delusional people, be forced to be on camera and face the reality of ourselves? Why can't we instead script out a nice RADIO piece as a team-building exercise? I can do radio. I've done radio before. Radio is fun, and does not require make-up, good angles, fake smiles, an awareness of physical quirks and the suppression thereof, or decent clothing.

Radio is THE medium to explore for a person like me, NOT video. There's no real reason to subject me, or anyone else for that matter, to the evil that is facing ourselves in the lens of a camera.

The people who thought this up are wicked. Too bad the person who thought it up is the global head of our department, and as such is about a brazilian levels above me in management...makes bitching and moaning a difficult thing indeed.




A bright note: the Doubletree Hotel serves some really awesome cookies for those all-important snack times.

No bacon though.


Have a lovely afternoon folks. I'm off to find a way to lose 30 pounds and turn the clock back 10 years before we start taping this afternoon.

Again - gah!

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