Sunday, October 12, 2008

Thought I'd lost it years ago

Weekends alone?

Not so bad, akshully.

Yeah, I spend a lot of time not talking and being very very quiet and puttering around with the brain set to "first gear," but that's not so bad. There's a lot of pondering to be done, you know? Weekends alone can help with the ponder.

Also - I haven't cooked anything since Wednesday. That in and of itself is a minor miracel, because I'm big on the cookery. Being faced with a fridge full of leftovers though does stike ath the heart of my laziness, nad so it's been a very oven- and skillet-free few days. Kinda nice, RLY.

Also -also? I slept until 11:30 this morning. That, dear friends, is amazing, and hasn't happened since I was 18.

Yeah, a few days completely alone has been nice, but I wouldn't like to do this much more than extremely occasionally. Because you know what? I'm kind of really really boring. I need those other people in my life to keep my brain from shutting down entirely, it would appear.

So, it's time to shuck off the PJs, get into my "re-refinishing the LR floor" duds, go purchase some painting pads (the brush thing? Not working. Bubbles are generally fun things, but are our sworn enemy where polyurethane is concerned), hit the grocery store, then come back and finish that daggone floor. Then maybe, because the fridge is now EMPTY, cook something.

Feel free to come on over to help out. I think I've forgotten how to TALK, and need the practice.

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