Saturday, October 11, 2008

This? Rocket-ship awesome

I want one. Read the story please, then come back here...

Dudes: I used to live right near here, and so can see those towns in my mind's eye.... (cue camera dissolve)....

Sound of the Long Island Sound gently spanking the smooth white beaches of Noank, Groton, and points beyond.

A young man stares pensively out to sea, first noticing the lighthouse he's recently restored with the sweat of his own ferociously manly brow over to his right (which would be the Old Saybrook spire). He's proud of his work, and wonders what to do for fun before tackling the Ledge Light out there in the Sound, whose ghosts and haints have scared off many a mighty sailin' man...

And then he says - by Yobkins, it's been a while since my pizza biz has been the beaming recipient of my godlike minstrations! Perhaps I should look for ways to grow the land-based money-makers before setting about righting what's wrong with the problems at sea? It won't be easy, after all , to rid the square brick walls of the Ledge Light with nothing more than the brawn of my back and the the fervent prayers of my mother (and best-friend Lucio). So - ah HA! A fire truck is for sale! PERFECT! The ideas begin to flow like an 11-year old girl at her first dance, and so I shall turn that truck of salvation into one of pizzabeeralicious debauchery and water cannon. Huzzah for New England! Huzzah for money making! Huzzah for having balls of pure brass, and the chutazpah to believe in my dreams!"

Stage left he strides into the misty wrap of dawn that surrounds the Niantic Inlet, swirling through the grasp of the sea to his the now and forever Pizza Truck man.

With beer.

How utterly awesome.

God, I miss New England.

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