Friday, October 24, 2008

Sometimes, what you really need to do is mop the floor

You know what’s great about working from home?

NOT working when you’re supposed to be. Those 15-minute chat breaks that people take at work can be supplanted with getting the dishes done, doing a load of laundry, and/or sweeping and mopping the kitchen floor.

All of which I’ve done already today. Tiny bursts of domesticity interspersed with laser-like focus on projects for work equal one surprisingly productive day.

And it’s only 2 p.m.


Just go, and be glad it’s not you.


U.S. trying to teach Iraqis how to spend billion-dollar surplus

750 million for us, 250 million for you, Achmed.

Microsoft profit up 2 percent, but outlook soft

Lotus Notes hard.

Fla. man lives among the chads of 2000 election

Says "We all hang out like a big fraternity. Sure is easy to get their attention for dinner; all's I have to do is yell 'Chad' and they come a-runnin' all at once. It's awesome."

Hamas passes on letter to captive Israeli soldier

"No thanks" said Sheik Al Ahsazy. "We don't need that kind of trouble THAT would stir up."

US cuts off trade benefits to Bolivia over drugs

Condi Rice, in an interview yesterday, stated "Dudes, they won't give us any, so they can't have our stuff either. Eff that."

Australian food companies agree not to push junk on kids

Are still being allowed to pelt adults with rubbish, however.


I'm going to figure out how to (in no particular order) carve a half-gnawed punkin (thanks, dog), make a pirate shirt, finish working, clean the house, rip out the mums out front that died two weeks after being planted, finish decorating for the Tiffoween party, and maybe commence to drankin' soon (because, let's not forget, I'm at HOME!).

Have a wonderful weekend folks, whatever your plans are.

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