Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It's all I got.

Do you know who is awesome? Tracy Lynn Kaply is awesome, that's who. Her past few posts are things of beauty in 2-minute sound bytes. I swear, if I could be like her when I grow up? 'Twould be a goal worth devoting my life to.


I want a candy bar so gotdam bad right now I'm hypersalivating just thinking about it. I'm in a quandry (yes! QUANDRY!) over here: Do I get one, and hate myself for it, or do I NOT get one and continue dwelling on that first lucious bite of deep rich chocolate wrapped around a crisp peanut buttery center (oh Butterfinger, my love) that I will never have?

Man, it's almost like PMS, but without the cramping. I don't miss cramps. Cramps are the suck. As is this lustful need for CHOCOLATE and PEANUT BUTTER, dancing in glucosifull harmony in my oral cavity.


Last night ,as I was about to fall asleep, a song popped into my head that I've never heard before. Music, lyrics, orchestration, arrangement, it was all there, and it was freaking GOOD. I would like to hear it again, but fear that once played it's now gone.

Obviously, I'm being haunted by a teenytiny brain-injured Mozart, to whom springs forth music fully gestated, and for whom once heard can not be reconstituted for others to enjoy.

Le sigh. The hauntings - so confusing.


Hey -check it:

(clicky the pic to go to the page of the blog that explains the platform of this burgeoning politcal movement.)

Popcorn Party. A newt as vice prez!

It could work.

See ya tomorrow, mayhap.

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