Monday, October 13, 2008

Huff those fumes! HUFF THEM!!!


Sleeping in a house filled with the outgassery of a new coat of uber-shiny polyurethane on the floor is a sure recipe for a whanger of a headache. Totally worth it though, because that floor is so totally READY for a basketball hoop and some squeaky sneakers. Forget about putting on makeup in the glare of bathroom lights and mirror, from now on I'm going to crouch over the floor in the living room and, in the twinkling umber glow of a freshly re-redone floor, apply the tints, hues, and unguents that allow me to go out in public without elderly women asking me about my health and well-being (you think I'm kidding? Sadly, no. Being pale and blue-eyed means MASCARA, all the time. Also eyebrow pencil. *Sigh*).

Doing that floor took 2 HOURS of intimate 1-on-1 contact with the 15 x 15 foot living room yesterday afternoon, carefully brushing on the last coat (God, I hope) of poly, meticulously picking out the stray dog hairs that somehow found their way back onto the floor after the sanding and the vacuuming and the tack cloth-ing (which involved abotu 3 hours of Saturday's time), 2 hours of dip-stroke-stroke-stroke, and it was finished. FINISHED!! Oh, how I inspected each inch of that floor as I was brushing on the super-shiny final coat of polyurethane, because there's no way on this blue earth I was going to have to re-re-redo that damned floor if I could help it.

It's soooo shiny. High gloss means exactly that, to my utter and complete satisfaction. The Tiny House has one tarty-ass living room floor. It almost looks oiled. The temptation to slide around on it in my stocking feet is almost too much to bear. Must. Resist. Temptation.

At least for another couple of days, after which time the poly will have hardened enough to walk on, if not to actually put furniture on. Then? Let the sliding COMMENCE!


Wordnerd, do NOT click on this link. Just don't, OK? It's for your own good. Trust me.

Everyone else? Go, click, play, and tell me if you can beat 15,635 as your final score! A prize to those who can. But I'm betting you can't. Because you are not me, and therefore it stands to reason that you are also NOT the queen of all matchy games! (Screenshots will be necessary as documentation of your victory, naturally)

It took me about 6 hours to GET a game that totalled that many points. That's a lot of time invested in one stupid game, but I can't help myself. It's gotten so bad that when I close my eyes? I see those little critters.

An intervention might be in order.


Y'all have a great day OK? Happy Columbussing, or whatever it is you do to get your "celebration of early explorers" groove on. I think perhaps I shall pretend to be Queen Isabella for the rest of the least until someone Section 8s me.


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