Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Good one

Catachresis. Let's hope it's not catching.


A synonym for the above is malapropism. Does that help?


It's interview time at the ol' job again. No, not for me, but for the people we're trying to hire. I'm of two minds about interviewing - one is that I like talking with people and finding out about them and who they are beyond what their CV says, and the other is that it can be difficult to do that in the context of the 'guided interview,' which is how we do it here. In the former instance, the free flow of Q&A can be revealing, in the latter the somewhat stilted formulaic questions lead to similarly formulaic answers, which doesn't tell the interviewer as much about the interviewee as one might like.

In either case, my goal is to find out about the PERSON, rather than their achievements. I like someone who can go with the flow, who asks questions about the company, who seems interested and who might even have a sense of humor. Personality counts, y'all. It's sometimes tough to keep the interview on a professional track, though of course that's the goal, but the discovery of what interests that interviewee, what they do in their off time, what their history is, how they got to the point of wanting this particular job, are as important to me as how they might 'be a leader' or'foster innovation.'

Alas, there is that prescribed list of questions that need to be asked and answered. Let's hope today's interviewee answers them quicklike so we can get to the real meat of the matter....their hobbies. :)


The remaining indoor cat at the Tiny House has taken to pooping in the bathtub.

I don't know what this means, do you?


There's a picture on my desk at work of the NC mountains in the fall (an aside, why do we not say 'in the autumn,' but instead say 'in autumn'? Puzzling, that one). Every time I look at it, I smell woodsmoke.


There's a place on the Blue Ridge Parkway down by Linville where a guy sells sourwood honey from a roadside stand. It's a bit of a perilous spot, being as how this roadside stand is set up on a wide shoulder on a curve in the road, but somehow he gets his truck in there and has enough room left over for a car or two to park and for the people within those cars to get out and peruse his wares.

I've run out of sourwood honey. It might be time to take a trip west to get some more, to wind around the hill-hugging roads until I find the man and his home-packed honey, to purchase a gleaming mason jar full, to breathe in the musty air of the woods in full summer, to imagine a life there among the hollows and hilltops.

Because of COURSE it makes sense to drive 4 hours for a jar of honey. Shut up.


I hope y'all are having a wonderful July. It's more than half over. When exactly did THAT happen? The back to school supplies are out at the local Mall Wart, which shouldn't surprise anyone given that the plethora of year-round schools in my neck of the woods demand that the supplies be fully stocked 365 days a year, but still it's a shock.

This year BOTH the Things will be in middle school. That's even more of a shock.


With that, I leave you to your day. I'm off to do the things for which I get paid, and perhaps to amble around the interwebz from time to time looking for more amusing things to occupy my time.

See you there!

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