Friday, February 22, 2008

Weatherr report, Tiffleg update, and Headlines

Hey y'all! Happy Friday!

It's a glorious rainy day here in NC, and I can't help but be excited by that. You'd think that a middle-aged lady of dubious past would not get so excited about RAIN, but by golly it's worth getting excited about when you're staring down the barrel of Stage 2 water restrictions and dire predictions for little precipitation in the near future. Any drop of rain is good, a box of rain is better, and a whole BARREL full (or resevoir, take your pick) is better yet.

So, yay for rain!


Also, yay for healing! Take a gander, folks, at the Tiffleg, Day 10-ish.

Is it not a thing of beauty? I mean, compared with what it looked like on Day 5 or so, it's really a whole lot better. I'm never going to win any KIND of 'best legs' contest with knees like these, but dayum it's nice to have the ugly lumps gone.

There's only a tiny bit of residual bruising (sigh, I miss it, don't you?), and as far as discomfort goes, it peaked on Tuesday and is resolving tremendously well.

Once I'm all healed up I think I'll generate a little stage-by-stage comparison picture so that anyone who wants to come on by and get the full spectrum of gorgeousness that is the tiffleg before n' after, becuase I'm all about the public service.


Hey y'all! It's HEADLINE TIME! Get you ready for some ham-fisted humour, served up by the mistress of demi-wit herself, Meestriss Teef!

First, political news:

Clinton: Obama 'change you can Xerox'

Obama: Clinton, 'Yoda you speak like'

Obama, Clinton big spenders

Clinton: Heap big talk, Kimobama.

International news is next:

Turkey launches ground operation in Iraq

Because hambruger is scarce there, you know.

Now for human interest:

Dog saved by Marine coming to Calif.

Original headline used the word "butterface," but the editors thought it was too long.


Jury: Man poisoned wife with antifreeze

His defense that she was frigid and he thought a little Prestone would help her didn't go over very well, obviously.

From the world of entertainment:

Northern Rock under government control

Southern Rock still under Skynrd control

Science news is next:

Wolves to be removed from species list

Sorry dudes, you're just a buncha big dogs (but not the butterface kind).

Japan Internet mogul appeal trial begins

The appeal of internet moguls is obvious: they're much easiser on your knees than the real ones!

Indonesia sends bird flu samples to WHO

I don't know, who? That's right, WHO. No, who? Exactly.

And now, for Sports:

Indiana mum on fate of embattled Sampson

Beverly Orbison, of Indianapolis, told the US News and Global Report that Sampson ought to be ashamed of himself, and cautions him to "play nice or get out of the sandbox."

And to round this out, a headline that needs to rejoinder. Just click on the link...

Pig song: download it from styTunes?


Have a great Friday folks, and a lovely weekend. SMOOTCHES to all who want 'em!

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