Monday, October 22, 2007

Wait - what?

Gah! It's noon already - how did THAT happen?

Anybody else think that October is flying by so very quickly that it seems like September was just last week? It's the 22nd, y'all and I'm here to tell you that I am in NO way ready for November. Is Hallowe'en REALLY next week? How can that be?

Oh, wait....the Christmas decorations are up in the Home Depot, so yeah, it must be Hallowe'en. Or Labor Day.

Days are flying by too. What I think can be done in 4 hours takes 8 or more. What I have planned to accomplish gets swallowed up in process, in details, in snafus, in procrastination, in socializing or a short attention span. This is not fair.

It used to take AGES for a week to go by. Summer vacations lasted forever. A year was an eternity. Now, though, weeks seem to zip past in a blur of what's undone.....and it's only when evaluated in retrospect do I get a sense of time, of accomplishment, of resonance.

Weird. Like the moments that make up my life are speeding by so fast I can only experience them in memory.

And I have really crappy memory.

Sigh. Best to enjoy each moment then, right?


Also - fall disappeared on me. It's back to summer again. This confuses me!

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