Thursday, October 25, 2007

Today I am two

For it is my blogversary.

A mere two years ago I stepped out into the blogosphere, naked and wet from a most precipitous birth, and shouted into the darkness.

For a while it was cold and lonely. For a while it was dark beyond want. Then, one day, it was not.

Somebody heard me. Somebody called back, a soft echo against the walls of isolation. And something broke open a little. The crack let in a finger of light, then a degree of warmth, it slowly expanded, and today I can stand in the glow of a small sun of friends.

Two mere years. Enough for a child to be born and to learn to walk and talk, but not to reason. This little blog walks around, talks a lot, but in all likelihood, still needs to learn to reason (if, indeed, reason is a thing worth striving for).

My grateful warm thanks to all who come here, read, comment, and grow right along here with me. You are wonderful, and I count you as friends.

Today, I am two. Give me a present, please, and let me know you were here by leaving a comment. If you do, I'll return the favor. I promise!


Let's veer off topic, as is the regular custom at NAY:

Word porn HAS GOT to make a comeback here, for a most wonderful word was passed out recently that tickles my fancy....


What does it mean?
And how would YOU pronounce it?

It's here, and here, and here as well, but the most straightforward explanation of this most excellent word is here. Yes, Tiff, there IS a word for what you are, and it is obscure and wonderful.

Ours is indeed a language of wonder, isn't it? It is a tremendous burden, and a marvelous gift.

Lexiphanes, indeed.

I wonder if a haiku has ever featured that word?


Oh, there were other things for today too. Regular things, without the big scary words. Normal things, all, but they were subsumed under the spell of Shadofax and a good dinner, and so the large ponderous words come forth like badgers in the night air, like blue whales breaching, like a bubble of steam from the middle of the earth through a sulfur vent. Take what metaphor you will, what ever suits your mood.

Mine is expansive.

Chicken breast and spiced lentils for dinner, followed up with maple cookies and a tall glass of milk, will do that to a person.


Go to Dr Syn and tell him you're thinking of him, won't you? He's got a lot to deal with, and the thoughts of friends could make his dealings a tad easier.


When you're done with that, go see what the wordsmiths have cooked up, and drag out all the bones of past frights to spin a tale of woebetides....


That's it folks! I'm off to happy a happy blogversary, for today I am two, and it's my daggone party! Wheeeee!! Have a great day.

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