Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Oh, Thou Link-Happy Wanderer (Now Complete)



Y'all still here? Then let me offer my thanks, and invite you to read on.


Dudes. This is insane. I've been tagged to spread bloggerly love across the infinitesimal span of interweb that is within my sphere of influence and/or toxicity.

Blame Mahala for this. And then maybe giggle because she thinks that I've GOT influence. Or even toxicity that could do any kind of noticeable damage. Silly woman.

Ennywhooo.....this thing is based on SEO Theory. Sounds daggone impressive, like something smart people know about, right?

Well, not this blogger, but I'm not about to let that stop me. Fools rush in and all that....

I may not know what an "seo theory" is (but I suspect that if I read this I might), but it must be a good thing, because, really, anything with an acronym is cool, isn't it, and so all the cool kids must be playing the "seo meme" and therefore as a hard-core wannabe I want to play along too.

The idear is this:

Links to posts inside your blog are more important than links to your home page. The players of the seo meme select three posts they want to promote, and adds their name and chosen posts to a list of links in their "taggers" post, then posting the whole list inside their blog. A minimum of 5 people are tagged by each new player. The new players are encouraged to read posts from everyone so that the work of fellow bloggers can be discovered and enjoyed.

Sounds like a simple enough pyramid scheme, so here we go. SEO meme me, baby!!

Revellian dot com - SEO Keywords For Beginners, Content: The Kings Illegitimate Stepchild, Tales of Blogger-X Illusion

Mariuca - Wishing On A Falling Star - Love In Disarray, In Love With A Dream, The Good Client

Mariuca’s Perfume Gallery - Perfume Shopping Spree, Defining Beauty, In Full Splendour

Speedcat Hollydale Page - Rocket Boy in Hawaii - DC9, Speedcat’s Death Ride into Terror!, The Boy Inside All Men

Terri Terri Quite Contrary - Just How Immature Are We?, Finding a Voice, So Much More to See than the Game

Mahala- Uncle Huberts Custom Cows, Pray for the Child at Big Lots, The Legend of Saushie's Crotch

Tiff - How am I like Ron Weasley, A Social Experiment, Absolutely Boring Entry 101

And now for the tagging! Oh yes, you KNOW there's that. Let's get out the magic mirror to see who out there is waving their hand frantically to get in on the lnky seo lurve today. Why I think I see Wordnerd, and Paul, and Fermicat, and Renn, and DebR with their hands in the air! Aw, aren't they CUTE with their need for inclusion into the cool kids club. Yes, yes they are. And so I tag them, and hope like crazy that they play along.


(this next bit is the bit where I had asked y'all to help me out by suggesting your fave posts. In the end I had a list of about 12 posts, which I randomly culled to the three you see above. MY THANKS TO YOU ALL!!

CRAP, y'all! I don't KNOW what three posts to put in here. I've got almost 600 of them! Do I put in the "writerly" stuff, the humorous stuff, the headline stuff? One of each maybe?

I need your help. In the comments, please suggest a post that you've read here that you particularly like. I'll take a look at each of them, decide in my charming mercurial fashion which will go into the post, and will update this post tomorrow morning with the list of three and the people I'm going to tag to play along...

THEN and only then will I add this post at Bobby’s site by leaving a comment at Revellian’s Best Posts SEO Meme.

I'll also add my tag-ees at that time as well. If you want to volunteer to play along, leave a note to that effect in the comments too and of COURSE I'll accommodate your request. I know a few of y'all out there are always on the lookout for more readers, and if this thing works like I'm sure the originator and all the wonderful players out there believe it will, then there's a veritable cataclysm of readership out there just waiting to flood your site with luscious juicy hits and soul-satisfying repeat visits. Hit me baby, one more time, oh yeah.

Hey, a girl can dream.)


And so, for today I leave you. Oh I HAD stories to tell about this and that, but time is short these days what with the work and the life and the everything, and I must go tend to some of "that." You know I don't want to, but I'm sure you understand why I must.

But wait, just a second - check this out:

The Great Mofo Delurk 2007

I can see you out there reading. Now comment, you mofo lurkers.

And with that, I'm done.....see y'all tomorry!

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