Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Oh! I'm all shivery with anticipation

This link brought to you by Rennratt, who shares my love of the geekly biumverate of Tim Burton and Danny Elfman

The Nightmare Before Christmas, in 3D!

The very first beats of that music, the very first flickers of image, and a lovely chill runs up my spine. I heart this movie in a way the previously was reserved for only "Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory." The Old One, with the Grunka-Lunka precursors.

Obviously, I'm a lover of creepy things.

Yes I am. Why, I even sat through all of "Eraserhead" just to see if there was a point. (there was not, to my way of thinking, but I still envy his hairstyle)

And yet, there is a limit.

My love for creepy is truly only for certain kinds of creepy. I like pretend creepy, art-creepy, possible creepy, not REAL creepy.

For example: I do not like the creepy that is leathery old toothless men with wandering eyes and breath that smells of tangerines who spend their time on street corners hoping for a strong breeze to blow up the skirts of the girl office workers and who might also secretly have human body parts hidden in their second freezer in the garage that they visit every night and gently stroke while humming "We are the Champions" in the wrong key.

For another example: this.

Creepy, right?

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