Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Genius, and a meme!

Heard this tune on the radio this morning driving into work. Yes kids, it's a zombie song, set in corporate-speak.

I love WKNC for playing it, and Jonathan Coulton for writing and performing it. Genius!


A little bittago at Pseudotherapy (oh, last week I guess), a meme was created just for Hallowe'en. I've never seen the birth of a meme before, and was so caught up in the beauty and majesty of the moment that I agreed to participate innit. Oh foolish hormones, that swell my heart with hope and my fingers with promises I only later have chance to second-guess, how you do me wrong....

And yet.

I will do this thing, for it seems fun and involves some of you, my fellow bloggers, and is a neat game in which you can guess who I'm talking about in each haiku below.

Yes, haiku. Shut up.

See, the deal is that I give you a list of bloggers who I MIGHT be haiku-ing about, and then you guess which haiku belongs to whom. Oh, it didn't HAVE to be haiku, but because I'm not one to take an easy task and run with it, I fluffed up the difficulty points a little by starting to THINK about each possible victim in haiku, because haiku was mentioned once in the instructions, and the thought stuck, and now I'm all 5-7-5 and can't get it out of my head.

So here we go with the list of potential haikuicides:

1) Tammie
2) Biff Spiffy
3) Wordnerd
4) Paul
5) TracyLynn
6) Utenzi
7) Renn
8) Kingfisher

And the haiku for each.

A) Curmudgeon for sure
yet admittedly he is
a lover as well

B) Trivia play now
wear purple and yellow too
most wonderful friend

C) Once rode a gas tank
albatross is now the word
please come back, OK?

D) No forks you morons
Fling the spoon with ninja skill
Hide now Los Gatos!

E) Gentlewoman, ha!
"Pocket full of bite me" is
The best line ever

F) Hiding from the world
The world comes to seek out the
wisdom of his heart

G) Baseball and whipped cream
running naked through the house
old folks are a pain

H) Hiking and kayaks
busy as a bee unless
something's on teevee

WHEW! My haikuamater was getting worn out there, so I'm glad THAT'S over with.

Match 'em up, letters to numbers, and leave your guesses in the comments.


Happy Hallowe'en, y'all. May the ghosts of seasons past haunt you well, and may the Hallowe'en goblins fill your buckets with only top-drawer candy.

If you don't want your Smarties, I'll take 'em.

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