Friday, October 05, 2007

Bibbity Bobbity BOO!!!


I think that the SEO meme thing is working! Yesterday was the absolute without-a-doubt highest hit and page view day in the history of this whole blog. I'm fairly atwitter with excitement, because, for the first time ever, there were more than 200 page views in ONE DAY here at NAY.

Stop laughing, I can get excited by this if I want to.

Really. Cut it out.

Mind you, I'm not looking too carefully at where the hits are coming FROM, because if I did I'd prolly notice that a good chunk of them are still coming from people doing Google searches for pictures of Lucille Ball (and WTH is up with that anyhow?). I prefer to think that by playing along with a cool techno-meme thang I'm upping my hits and views and as a result I am, once again, encouraged that my plan for Dooce-like domination of the interwebs is in full torque.

So, if I tagged you to play along, you should go ahead and do so. I swear that this thing WORKS.


Also - look at what Mahala gifted me with.

Isn't it pretty??

An explanation: This award casts a spotlight on bloggers who are just beginning to draw lotsa attention — the equivalent of a song with a bullet on Billboard’s Top 100 chart. Lotsa good posts. Lotsa good buzz. These bloggers are going places in a hurry.

Pardon me while I blush. Then preen. Then order a wider doorframe for my office, because damn if my head ain't gettin' all swelly and bulbous with the thought of "going places" and "good buzz."

Especially the "good buzz" part. I like the sound of that. Whee!!!

Thanks, Mahala. You're a total pal. Now y'all, if you haven't gone by Mahala's blog, please do so. She needs all the intelligent company she can get down in Frog Pond Holler.


It's been kind of a meme-y week, hasn't it? I dast not be tagging other people for this fabulouso award, dast I? I mean, y'all are prolly overburdened with my tom-foolery already, and shootfire but the daggone rules of the daggone Break Out Blogger thing say I can only give it back out to THREE bloggers, and I don't' think that's fair at all, because y'all, we're ALL breakin' out.

Wait. That didn't' sound right.

We're all breakout bloggers. We're all forging new paths into awesomeness and fabulosity. We are all crafting our own niches, aren't we? We have our severals of readers, or occasional horde of fly-by visitors, the bunch or two of google hits looking for odd things like picture of Lucille Ball, and it makes us happy. We should be happy with just that, I know.

And yeah, I know that a while ago I said that if anyone nominated me for any kind of award I'd turn it down, but that was when I was all pissy that nobody was hitting me up with the "thinking blogger" award and i wanted that one so very badly and felt all left out and shit that I stupidly harumphed and stomped off....and now I've changed my mind, because these things are fun and they help spread the lurve.

Except I'm afraid to nominate only three people. There are so very MANY folks out there who deserve to be read by platoons, nay, PHALANXES of adoring fans that don't already have them.

People like Rennratt, and KF, and TL.

So, a rather sneaky fashion, I pass the love. If I could work miracles I'd "loaves and fishes" the heck outta the break out blogger award to all y'all who I consider my friends, all y'all I read on a consistent basis, all y'all who blog for the fun of it or because you have something to day. Every single person needs one of these things, and I'm counting on the three to whom I'd passed it along to pass it along as well.

After all, we're bloggers. We like shiny things and accolades, don't we?



OK - something's in the air. Apparently NAY is the "blog crush of the day" over at Citizen of the Month.

What on EARTH is going on, y'all?? This ain't like regular days, and it's making a touch nervous.

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