Friday, October 19, 2007

Am I old enough to fuddy-duddy?

Just curious - how many adult toys do you own? I've been reading some bloggers lately that make me feel like a TOTAL slacker in this department. It's clear that there's a rich panoply of options available to us for our private escapdes. Do YOU utilize it?

I do believe I'm nearing an age at which "fuddy-duddy" will become a verb, for I had a moment of "tsk" at the thought of owning more than, say, TWO marital aids, and yet I now am thinking that my inner curmudgeon needs to loosen up and get a life before life is over and it's missed out on all the fun.

You may have noticed that I speak of my inner voices in the third person. It's a coping mechanism.

Ennywhoo, let's get to the headlines before my train of thought runs right of the tracks, shall we? Yes, yes we shall.

Why Males Die Before Females

Something about meopausal rage, I'm guessing?

SAfrica reggae star Lucky Dube shot dead

Sometimes the headlines write themselves.

Swearing at work boosts team spirt, morale: research

HELLS YES! HOT DAMN! About Freaking Time, you buncha gobsmacked wankers!! Sheeyit!

Psychiatrist: Faked pregnancy was a ruse

Un, eeeeyeah. Thanks Doc for the blinding insight. Jeez.

US sex fugitive returned from Hong Kong

A fugitive from SEX? Is that what they're saying here? Somebody didn't want sex and now they're being forcibly returned to the United States? For what? To HAVE sex?

This makes no sense, and yet, I refuse to read further, because it might well be an unpleasant story, and I can't have that rolling around in my head on this lovely Friday.

McCain, Romney woo social conservatives

An out-of-control pair of Presidential candidates were seen on tape shouting "Woo!" and flashing peace-out signs while drunekenly wobbling on stage during a wet tee shirt contest at the social conservatives convention in Las Vegas this past weekend.

The social liberals were off having tea and scones, and missed the whole thing.

FDA to warn Viagra users of hearing loss

Sudden hearing loss may occur in men who use Viagra and other anti-impotence drugs. Researchers say it's usually unilateral. Most men affected say the last thing they heard was "Oh my GOD, YES!!"


With that, my dears, I will leave you. Have a wonderful day and a smashing weekend. I'm OUT!

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