Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Thparky Dukth Tag

Heh. I'm in an Igor mood, therefore the title mangling.

Oh, you don't KNOW Igors (or, as they would say, "Igoth")? Then you're really mithing thomething. Igors are helpful manservants who populate the Discworld in Terry Pratchett's books. They're one of the best characters around, handy to have in a difficult situation, would give you the shirt (or the skin) off their backs, are trained in circumspection and circumlocution, can make a mean cup of tea, and really honestly don't MIND digging in graveyards or coaching their "marthterth" on proper evil overlord cackling technique.

Sometimes a character just sticks with you, you know?

Perhaps it's the purposeful lisp that does it. They don't always, you know.


Which brings me, in a very roundabout way, to today's post, brought ot you by one Mithter Thparky Duck, who tagged me (BLISS!) in a post yesterday. Because he was so good as to tag, and because the post stuck with me long enough to remember to DO it, I shall be good enough to go "squee" like the girlie girl I am that a boy paid attention to me, and then play along like I didn't really want to be tagged in the first place but secretly glad that he picked me, because that probably means he likes me.

Yes, I am in second grade. Thanks for asking.

(Also, if you go to Sparky Duck's blog, you'll see that he's running a series of "50 hotties in 50 states," which is, as you would suspect it to be, a compendium of one hot woman from state. I'm sure you won't be disappointed, unless you're offended by that kind of thing, in which case forget I mentioned it and please no comments here about objectification of women, because dudes, they're pretty and nice to look at and even though I'm a reasonably straight woman I still like to look at pretty things, be they animal, vegetable, or mineral. So there.

Bonus geekery points for Sparky because he's running the states in the order in whcih they ratified the Constitution. Who THINKS of that stuff?)



The rules, go to, type in your birthday in the search box, then list 3 events, two births and one holidy. Then tag some other folks.

Three events:

1279 BC - Rameses II (The Great) (19th dynasty) becomes pharaoh of Ancient Egypt (walking like an Egyptian, no doubt)

1911 - R.M.S. Titanic launched.

1962 - The West Indies Federation dissolves. (coincidentally, this is the very DAY I was born. MOck me because I'm old, if you must, but BIG THINGS WERE HAPPENING on this day. If only I knew what the west indies federation actually was. I wonder where I could go to find out.....)

Two births:

Shockingly, MY birth is not listed as one of the notables on this day. However, THESE people did get mention made of their natal day, the attention hogs!

1953 - Pirkka-Pekka Petelius, Finnish actor (Who? You might say, which only strengthens my argument that I should be listed.)

1954 - Thomas Mavros, Greek footballer (again, WHO? Do I need to make this argument further?)

Oh, there are notables born on 31 May, like Clint Eastwood and Brooke Shields and the 35th president of New Zealand and a pope or two, but really, when they get down to noting the births of Greek footballers (someone please stop me from making a sex joke!) and Finnish actors (are there "Start" actors too?), I'm thinking that somewhere along the line they could include the birthday on of very unfamous blogger with visions of grandeur.

One holiday:

The Godiva procession. Yay! Woohoo! Let's get naked and douse each other with melted chocolate!!! Let's roll arond in nougat and truffle-makings! Let's pig out on hazlenut creams and dark chocolates with raspberry-scented centers! Oh, the fun we can have on Godiva procession day!

What's that you say? I'ts not about chocolate? How very disappointing. There is still nakedness involved? On a HORSE? Oh dear. Oh deardeardeardear.

(pardon me while I channel Piglet in my distress)

Also, my birthday is the day the Virgin Mary did visit Elizabeth, who I think was preggers with John the Baptist (though I suspect that she thought he was going to be Jewish. Was she disappointed when he came out shouting "praise Jesus", I wonder? I mean, who was this Jesus guy? He hadn't even been BORN yet, for Pete's sake! And who's Pete?).

It is the Second Miracle of the Rosary (here we go round the rosary bush!) and its theme is "Spiritual Fruit & Love of Neighbor." Sounds like a party to me, particularly all the neighborly love stuff, but I would suggest throwing in some chocolate and nakedness and you've got yourself a real humdinger of a celebration!


Tag, you're it!

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