Tuesday, July 10, 2007

It's just not in me today

New carpet + restriction on all foods and liquids in carpeted rooms (eg, bedrooms) + 'it's only ice" + the melting of the ice + one horribly misplaced hand swipe = an 8-ounce spill of orange juice all over the new carpet.

Using the transitive property of logic and higher maths, wherein "spills on carpet" equal "pissing off Tiff," one can assume that the compendium of events leading to the spill also pissed off Tiff.


In a "no more wire hangers" kind of way.

Which was followed by a loud and detailed explanation of just exactly HOW the Thing that spilled the juice that shouldn't have been there in the FIRST place should clean UP the mess, which left his brother standing by helplessly until he asked "so, what do I do?" at which point he was directed to "just help your bother clean up the daggone mess!" which he did. Quickly.

Therefore, Stress 1.


9:30 p.m. Palmetto bug skittering near and on and around the Spiller Thing's bed.

Mama catches it. Finally.

Afflicted Thing (AKA Spiller Thing) delcares, in a fit of rigid and abject fear "I'm not sleeping in that bed, I'm not sleeping in that bed, I'm not sleeping in that bed."

Mama recognizes that fear, and therefore has a bed partner for the night.

Stress 2.


6 a.m. alarm. Up and shower and pack up Things after giving the Afflicted Thing some ibuprofen for the headache he professes to have.

Hop in the car to take them to Daddy's house for the day because Mama's got a big ol' meeting she needs to be totally on deck for at 8.

Halfway to Daddy's, Afflicted Thing blurts out "I'm feeling sick!" rolls down his window, then proceeds to puke all over the back of the car.

Mama yells at Poor Thing to "puke out the window!" and so he does, until such time as Mama can pull the car over to a wide shoulder by a fruit stand to let the lad finish urping up the water and medicine he'd taken 20 minutes earlier.

Stress 3.


Something might be very wrong with the Things' Dad.

And, even though I don't live with him anymore, I still care enough about him for this to be Stress 4.


8 a.m. meeting, scheduled for an hour, goes for 2, during which time, I, as the note-taker and "person in charge of this project" am actively engaged in using Net Meeting and such to illustrate the changes we're making "live" so that we can all agree it's the best thing to do.

9:45, the computer freezes up.

I have no idea when I last saved.

While I scramble to recalibrate and recover, the conversation goes on around me, so I hand-write notes while debugging my computer while hand-writing notes while re-booting my computer while taking notes by hand while restarting and retrieving and recreating old changes while the conversation continues on around me.

Stress 5.


The one-hour meeting is being continued this afternoon at 1.

I just don't have it in me to write a post.

Unless I just did.


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