Tuesday, July 03, 2007


And not much to say, being as how nobody's going to be around to read the post anyhow, this being a vacation week and all.

Speaking of vacation, I'll be on one after today, all the way through the weekend. No posties planned, though if I get access to some wiffy I'm sure I'll be poking arond to see if anybody's out there (here? which is it?).

Instead of posting, my plan is to take a lot of boat rides, go tubing, swim, hang out, play cards, drink beer, eat grilled foodstuffs, talk a lot, run herd on kids, nap, watch fireworks on the water, read, cook, and relax. My side of the family does this every year, has been doing it for almost 30 years now, and always on the week of the 4th. We picnic and carouse and do puzzles and play solitaire and bond for a few days, then split to either not communicate at all for the next year (I'm lookin' at YOU, Little Bro) or to get together only periodically due to busy schedules (Hi Mom! Hi Big Bro!).

I'll come back with stories, I'm sure.

In the meanwhile, y'all have a great few days without me, and if you need something to do, go visit all those fine folks on my blogroll there, and tell 'em I sent you. Can't have folks forgetting about me while I'm gone, after all.

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