Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Of Storage Spaces and Crabby Children - plus update!

Short one today - it's getting to be crunch time at work and my powers of procrastination can only carry me so far. At some point we must all face the music, and I can hear my very own pipers right over that hill there coming at me on what sounds like V-8 bandwagon.


Because all the stuff from the house in the Northeast is finally coming south (now that our house is sold after almost a year of finishing and building and fixing and cleaning and hassle, none of which I was a part of, and then the eventual selling, also unencumbered by my presence), it became time for Tiff to look aound the wee rental house and declare "I declare! This house is a mite too small for all our stuff!" and get off her butt to the local mini storage place to rent some space for all the things not left behind.

Like, the snowblower. Because obviously we'll need one here. My partner in life has insisted that the snowblower can indeed be turned into a rototiller, and will have multiple uses around the ranch he wants to buy, so yes, it's coming along for the ride.

Also, all the stuff in the attic that was put there for a REASON, and the reason is that it's stuff that I'll probably never look at again, or at least until the kids are in college and I want to torture myself with memories of when they were small; or perhaps I'll pull it out when it's time to start, at long last, all those photo albums I intended to have done by now.

In addition, all the stuff in the storage room that got put there 4 years ago needs to move. This is stuff that hasn't been looked at since we put it there, because, as we all know, a storage room is for STORGAE, and not actually to be used for things you might really USE, ever ever ever.

We rented the biggest unit they have, and I only hope it's big enough. Put it this way - in New England we had a 5000 square foot house (I know, somebody tell me how foolish that is), and the rental is a shade under 1900 square feet. Yes! I know! How do I live in such pitiful conditions?

Answer - very simply indeed, and with the ability to actually clean the house in one go and find the kids when I need them. It's refreshing, that is. Anyhow, there's a lot of stuff in a big house that won't fit in a small one, no matter how little you think you really own.

Here's the beauty part of the whole storage thing - the woman helping me out gave me half off the second month's rent. Really. I wasn't crabby or demanding or irrational or anything; she just did, and said it was because she didn't have any non-climate-controlled units to offer me in that size and so because of that I couldn't choose between that cheaper type and the type I had to rent. Welcome to the South! Something like this would NEVER have happened in New England - and I'm not knocking New England; they're just more "businesslike" or something up there. Her gesture of generosity just floored me! Then, she asked me when I was "moving in" and when I said not until the end of next week she adjusted my payment dates so that I wouldn't have to pay next month's rent until the end of the month rather than the middle. She said there was no sense me paying for space I'm not using......


Shoot, I said this was going to be short......ha! Psych!

One other tidbit of life at Casa Teef - last night had a rather crabby attitude descend on the youngest human denizen of the home. He was all attitude and stomping, and when I asked him what was wrong he said "NOTHING" and stomped some more. I gave him to the count of three to tell me if he was going to sweeten his attitude, because it wasn't fair to the rest of us to be subjected to his bad mood for no reason, and when he didn't answer me in the allotted time I yelled at him "ARE YOU GOING TO ANSWER ME?" and his response was to stomp off to his room.

To fall asleep. At 6:30 p.m.

Guess he was tired.

Huh. I never would have thought of that.

This morning, he was up and ready to go, just as sweet as a big ol' slice of pecan pie. Boy does NOT hold a grudge, thank goodness.

And that's it for now. Must go do some workie type thingies so that my boss believes that hiring me was an actual good idea, and not just a chance to put a warm body behind a desk at a critical juncture. I'm coming up on my year anniversary at this company, and am just now finding my comfort zone. I'm a slow learner, apparently.
Update - I highly recommend spending a lunch hour and a half with a fellow blogger. I'm just sayin'. Awesome!

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