Tuesday, March 07, 2006

More with the big words

Just read a story about the Chambers Dictionary, and the fight by its editor Ian Brookes to retain words therein that are archaic or have fallen out of usage. A few choice examples of these types of words were offered in the news story, the best of which, in my opinion, is this:

logodaedalus - someone skilled in the manipulative use of words

So, if someone ascribes to verbal manipulations as a way of life, would they be a "logodaedalian"?

I like the sound of that.

"The Logodaedalian Society" meetings would be something, wouldn't they? It would be like Toastmasters for car salesman and time share phone bank employees! Everyone would be spouting off like Jane Austen channeling Machiavelli, or prattling a la Tom Robbins on a Johnny Cochran bender! Ken Kesey wanna-bes would have to pass the Hunter Thompson field sobriety tests before being admitted (it's hard to build up that kind of stamina, y'all, but worth it once the incomprehensible jabbering commences!). The President of the organization would have to be able to combine the communicative powers of Donald Trump and Don King in an extemporaneous 3-minute monologue about the benefits of global warming on the goat-skin mitten industry.

Panel discussions could be on the order of "How to win an argument without really SAYING anything," or "30 minutes to a new boyfriend," or "10 phrases to use when taking over the world." The possibilities are nearly endless, really, when one considers the number of ways one can craft language to say (or write) what other people think they want to hear when in fact one is saying either nothing at all or the exact opposite of the something that the people think they're hearing by using obfustication and misdirection.

"Logodaedalus." A very good word indeed.


Of course you knew I would love this word. Just look at the list of 50-centers I've got going! Expect to see this one added in the near future.

Run across any good ones lately that you'd care to expound upon?


One quick story - the kids and I were in a Hardware Store yesterday afternoon looking for a toilet snake (don't ask.) After walking the aisles for a little bit, the older child looks at me and says "this store smells like Daddy." You know what? He was right.

I decided it would be wisest not to ask him what kind of store I smell like. One never knows what might be going on in the brain of a 10-year-old boy, nor should one risk knowing too many of their truths.

BONUS FEATURE: this game. Tell me if you're strong enough to only play once.


3carnations said...

Ugh. No I couldn't play it just once. Thanks alot...=)

tiff said...

You're very welcome! I like to share the addictions when I can.

kenju said...

No, I was not strong enough to play only once!

tiff said...

I like the sounds the blobs make, and the challenge of getting those extra drops. Weeee!

hovatter62 said...

Okay - I played once and stopped (for now) but only because I had to get ready and leave for work!

Kim said...

I loved this post, especially the "this store smells like Daddy" part. I love that. And I've been trying to think of what store YOU smell like, and I've come up with this: the "health and beauty aids" section of Whole Foods Market. You know, the pungent, earthy smell of vitamin capsules packed with echinacea and goldenseal mixed with organic rosewater hand lotion leaking out of a tester bottle mixed with that patchouli/amber smell wafting from over there on the candle and incense aisle. And the chocolate on your breath. Can't you just smell the goodness?

tiff said...

That's not chocolate on my breath, yo.
Hey - I'm glad you don't think I smell like a shoe store!

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