Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Let's do the Math!

Did you know:

That the largest accepted average diameter of a grain of sand is 2 mm?

If I had a grain of sand for every blog entry I've written here, I'd have a line 200 mm long. Not very impressive.

That the minimum length of a grain of Thai Jasmine Long Grain wild rice is 7 mm?

If I had a grain of Thai Jasmine Long Grain Wild Rice for every blog entry I've written here, I'd have a line 700 mm long.
Also, not very impressive.
That the average diameter of a human eyeball is 24.5 mm?
If I had an average human eyeball for every blog entry I've written here, I'd have an oozy staring mess of vitreous and aqueous matter encased in a tough scleral shell approximately 245 mm long.
OK - that's better, and more interesting from a visual (ha!) and weird standpoint, but still, not good enough.
That the average human spends 2 weeks of their life kissing?
If I had an average day's worth of kissing for every blog entry I've written here (assuming a 70-year life span), I would have 2 hours and 24 minutes of kissing stored up.
OK - let's check the math on that last one - 24 hours a day times 7 days a week = 308 hours a week times 2 = 616 hours spent kissing over a lifetime divided by an average lifespan of 70 years = 8.8 hours a year spent kissing divided by 365 days a year = 1.44 minutes per day kissing times the number of entries I've written.
Still, while reasonably impressive, not enough of a wallop capacity-wise, for me. Let's calculate one more example, shall we?
That the average worker wastes 2.09 hours a day?
First - I'd say they're not trying nearly hard enough, and second, if I had an average day's wasted work time for the number of blog entries I've written here, then you'd have a pretty good estimation of just how much time I've wasted online. This month. More or less.
Get ready, because it's Pop Quiz Time, kiddies, and it's just one question.
Question 1 - How many entries has Tiff written here so far?
I know. I'm amazed too.


Anonymous said...

I'm no math whiz, but I'll tell ya this much. You are quite prolific! I don't know how you do it!

tiff said...

See the "time wasting" question...


rennratt said...

Aaah! I am goofing off to avoid math! Please, please make it stop!

I am guessing that you have an average of 1.4 entries/day for the past six months.

Am I even close?!

WordsRock said...

I'm allergic to math.
I'd rather spend my time kissing. ;)