Monday, March 27, 2006

Itchin' and Wishin'

I itch.

My forehead itches like I'm peeling from a very bad sunburn, and I keep reaching up there to scratch, and little flaky bits of Tiffy goodness keep coming off of my FACE!


I was just in a meeting with a banker-type fellow and my husband, and as we were wondering where to put the money we've got to put someplace now that the house is sold and we need to "shelter" and "diversify" and "invest" I kept surreptitiously rubbing my forehead and being kind of happy when I saw a little drift of what used to be "bad" skin separating itself from me forever. Because I'm a little bit gross like that.

And until all those little spots are gone, I'm sure the itch will remain, and I will scratch or rub, and be happy to say goodbye to that which could have, in several years, been the cause of so much more trouble than just a little itch.


Is it fair to say that it's really unfair to be asked to work when it's so beautiful outside that you just want to jump in the car and take off for the mountains or beach and play hooky for a few hours with nobody else knowing where you are? I mean, you just get in and go, maybe stopping to buy a really cool CD or new pair of shoes or a great cigar to smoke as you drive and pretend to be a whisper-thin movie star from the 40's that's getting a little old for ingenue roles and who is consequently on the run from a controlling manager who is forcing you to sign a contract to be in a movie where the main character is a DOG, and you're on your way to your secret hideout where your lover awaits, who you don't know is really a secret agent and will tell the government of a small eastern European nation everything about you in hopes to lure you into being a spy too because they still love you over there and think you have character and a future in the spy biz.....

And it would be good. Very, very, good.

We should have mental health days for times like this. We should be allowed to say "I'm feeling far too good to report to work today, so I'll see ya tomorrow" at least twice a year.

Or is this what sick days are for? If so, I'm hopeless, because I rarely take those, and almost as rarely take vacation days. In fact, I just donated 8 hours of my vacation time to a person in our company who is in a bit of a rough patch and needs to take a big chunk of time off from work, and in truth, this donation isn't going to affect my overall vacation plans at all. It felt great to donate the time, I'm glad I could, and would do more of it, but I'm told we need to keep 40 hours of vacation in our stockpile (for what?), and that 8 hours is all we can donate (why?) so I can't do more, even though I have no idea where I'm going to spend the time I have....

I've come to work when I had pneumonia, I've come to work when I was so twisted from pulling a back muscle that I could barely walk, I've come to work with fevers and when I've had headaches so severe my eyeballs pulsed with each heartbeat. I've not taken long vacations because it's too much trouble to come back to work after them, I've worked on vacation days because it was easier than letting someone else take over a project, I've worked on work while on business trips because it was better than just hanging out in the hotel room with nothing to do.

But I would feel GUILTY taking a vacation day for a mental health day. How idiotic is THAT?

Don't answer; I think I already know.


rennratt said...

I used to feel guilty about taking time off for vacation or sickness until I had a boss who ALWAYS came in sick. He passed it around to everyone else. I also refuse to feel guilty for taking time off if Nooz is sick. I will not drive when exhausted.

Try lotions with Shea butter in them for the itching. It will at least take the edge off.

tiff said...

renn - the shea butter sounds so very decadent! I have some stuff that has meadowfoam flower oil in it, and it's heavenly and luscious, but scnted, so has the itch factor when applied to already icky skin.

Mmmm, shea butter - sounds delish.

Oldfriend - if you're out there - my verword was "smenita"!! Olay!