Friday, March 17, 2006

Go, Read

It's interesting, really.

When I think about people like this, I wonder why I can't do something just a tiny bit similar. What is is that makes people become great, both in their dreams and in their realization of them. How do they find the courage to keep reaching for the stars when the stars themselves seem aligned against them, and how do they make grabbing one a reality?

I wonder - what if I've missed my chance? What if my time has passed and I'm stuck here in the middle class world for the rest of my life (not that that's a bad thing, it's just that I'm kind of "over" it)? Who will remember me when I'm gone? What mark will I have made on the world? What will I have added to the sum total knowledge or experience of the human race? What will I leave as a legacy for my family to remember around the dinner tale 100 years from now?

Then I wonder - is all this wondering a sign of an enormously inflated ego? :>

Feel free to offer opinions in the comments......especially if you think the ego thing is right.

Headlines at noon.

Note to those who might think my mention of the scientist in the cited article glorifies war----it's not meant to. The fellow bio'ed in the article had no intent of his life's work turning that direction. I am impressed more by his perseverance in sticking with his dream....

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