Friday, February 17, 2006


Because the news is serious. Reeeeeeeal Serious.

Aaaaand, action!

Cartoon Protesters Arrested in Pakistan

Ziggy and Garfield reportedly injured.

Tension Between Doctors, Free Clinics Rise

While the doctors are fighting, would someone PLEASE yank those clinics back down here? (or, yet another reason to use "and" instead of a comma). And it's "tension rises," dammit.

Lisa Marie Presley Marries Guitarist

This is the now-obligatory "this is news?" snark. Word: it's not.

Israel Threatens Tough Economic Sanctions

You! Hey you! You think you're such a smarty-pants, being all tough and sanction-y? You just try to come over here and I'll give you such a smack!

House Democratic Leader Wants Budget Probe

They're $2.99 all this week at the "Poke-n-Prod," dude.

Chinese Photograph Elusive Snow Leopards

Soooo, if they're so elusive, how's come ALL the Chinese are doing it?

Madonna Reportedly Has Hernia Surgery

To go along with the "her ankle-a" surgery she had last year.

Apple Hackers Encounter a Poetic Warning

"There once was a hacker named Jerry

Who thought he could make mucho merry

By hacking inside

Apple's shiny red hide

Now he's somebody's prison love cherry."


That concludes this broadcast of TIFF TV for this week. You may return to your regular programming.



This woman should never be allowed to have any more children. Ever.



So, amnesia is now a synonym for mid-life crisis? I'll just bet it IS!


Anonymous said...

Here's the deal. I was all "I'm gonna tell Tiff how she made me laugh, made my day, ha ha with those great headlines blah blah blah." Then I read the article about the stupid bitch in the van.

tiff said...

Yeah, kind of a buzzkill. But daggone - what was she THINKING???