Monday, February 06, 2006

1 potato, 2 potato....

A love story.

Tony, the butcher's son, knew a good thing when he saw it, and boy oh boy, on this muggy August morning he was looking at a good thing for sure. Angelina, the grocer's daughter, sure knew how to show off her wares! Those melons, right at a man's eye level, were full and plump and, Tony was sure, smelled ripely sweet. The lightly fuzzy peachy contours of her bottom display set Tony's heart to racing, and he wondered if he tried to touch or squeeze them if she would get angry with him. Tony felt the saliva start to flow in the back of his mouth and a curious hunger begin to form in his belly as he caught sight of her glistening sweet tomatoes out of the corner of his eye. Oh, Angelina! You vixen! To tempt a man so, and in full view of anyone who walked by! Minx! Tease!

Angelina stared at Tony's wares, his turgid red sausage and taut haunches, and hungered slightly at the thought of how tasty they must be. She imagined them in her hands, and daydreamed about all the things she could do with them, then blushed slightly. If Tony knew the thoughts she was having, he would think her most vain! But oh! Angelina couldn't stop staring at his tongue, so pink and moist, so visible and pliant, so full of promise. Her head spun with the possibilities of all Tony had to offer. Just the thought of him touching his meaty parts made her pink up and think about going to confession.

When he couldn't stand it any longer, Tony reached out and grabbed one of Angelina's ripe tomatoes and squeezed one of her peaches.

When she couldn't take it once moment more Angelina whispered for a taste of Tony's tongue.

Then they each paid for their purchases and walked back to their own stores.

The end.

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Erica said...

Oh my...! Turgid sausage is one of my favorite things!