Monday, February 20, 2017

Rumble rumble

The very one!
Lord y'all.  Or you, or whomever might be reading this.

It's been a hot minute since I last wrote.  A New York Minute, one might say, or perhaps a cotton-pickin' one, as if there's any difference amongst things that are all 60 seconds long, which there isn't, but must be, if at least three varieties, aside from a regular minute, can be offered up.

Meaning to say, it's has, once again, been a while since I popped in to say anything atall.

However, with the way things are going over on social media and in the world at large, it might just be that the number of whatever type of minute you might choose is likely to be shrinking between entries here at NAY, because the world is just a little too much for me right now and escaping the din of politics on Facebook and the endless slaughter of innocents on the news seems the right medicine to choose right now.  I've been negative for way too long, and need to rise above the smoke and mirrors to peek a little more clearly about what's going on in my life and brain.

You are invited  along to the peep show.


Spent a lovely Saturday with Biff after having a tiny spa getaway Friday night.  Biff was having some back pain, which cried out for a hot tub treatment, so we snagged a room at a local hotel that has such a thing (see pic above for a nearly live-action shot!) and soaked and lazed around and watched 'regular' teevee on a king-sized bed (the luxury!) and soaked some more in the morning.  I do love me a hot tub, so am inching ever closer to spending some savings on one for our very own.  Surely spending a few thousand is better than spending increments of cash on a hotel room 3 miles from home, right? (Someone set me straight on that logic, please.  Has to be along the lines of 'let's buy a jet ski and pay for maintenance and insurance and a trailer instead of renting one for a fraction of the cost for the week a year we use one.' (note: we have not yet bought a jet ski, chiefly because we have no place to store one for 51 weeks a year)).

We spent Saturday, well, SPENDING.  Sam's Club got some slice of dough, with a real impulse purchase thrown on top of the regular heap: a 'cooling' memory foam mattress topper (only $139!) with (of course) new sheets also because our old ones won't fit the height our mattress + topper will be.

If we ever get the topper on the mattress, that is.  The hurdle we're currently attempting to leap is the SMELL of all those terrific chemicals that are used to create the 'cooling' effect, which smell like a headache a-coming.  Takes 24 to 72 hours to air that thing out, so the labels and instructions say.  We are on Day 3 of airing, and that sucker still smells like disinfecting day at the Shady Acres Boarding Kennel n' Rest Home. 'Oh, but the treatment is harmless!' says the label, to which I reply - well so is perfume, but given the 'right' type and amount it can still give folks a powerful migraine.  So, out over the porch rail it sits, baking in the sun and degassing.  Biff is all excited to put it on the bed and revel in its therapeuticness (remember that back pain thing), but I am less so (dat smell tho).  Fingers crossed it's non-offensive by suppertime, 'cuz we really have followed instructions and don't want to have to shove that monster back in the box and return it.

Then we bought a new storm door for the front door.  The old one had a sprung hinge, and kept unlatching in a stiff breeze, breaking the closer thingie, and rendering the whole notion of a storm door pointless.

Also, groceries.


Then on Sunday, at 1:41 a.m., I lurched out of bed knowing something was the matter, and barfed.  Spent the rest of the wee hours changing it up between barfing, resting fitfully on a recliner, running to the potty for 'other' reasons, and having the worstest of dreams.

Good ol' times.

Was better enough to have a wee dinner last night, and hoped for the best for today, but I was kidding myself and so am here, typing this, nursing a cup of cream with coffee in it and slugging down water.  Canceled my meetings for today and will shortly lose myself in updating a document for a quick review meeting tomorrow.  Things could be worse though, so one must keep plugging along.


I'll wrap this up with this: the daffodils on North Main are abloom.  The 'Purple Queen' plants are emerging in the front garden, and forsythia are popping out like lil' weasels.  I do believe that this means Spring has arrived in the 27587, and that is a happy thought.

Tiff out.


oldfriend said...

The ick visited us last Thursday night in the form of girlteen splattering her teenyuck bedroom with muck. The "strong"man don't do ick, so it was up to me to clean up about 10-gallons-worth of spew. While alternately washing my hands so I remained unaffected. It seemed to pass in about 30 hours, so hopefully you have the same strain and are well on the mend.

oldfriend said...

PS - it has been so long since you posted, and I commented, they've improved the 'not a robot' algorithm. Cool. Apparently I can discern pictures of storefronts. And I have to admit that I'm writing another comment to see what other picture quizzes I can pass today (as if 4 work-related CBTs weren't enough today!)

oldfriend said...

OOOOOOOHhhhhhhh! And if you haven't already, sign up for Facebook groups local to your area that offer 'yardsale' or 'online' or 'thrift' or suchnot, as well as Letgo and Offerup apps. You'll be surprised at what folks will offer for sale (such as working hot tubs) and the Facebook sites used to allow you to set up filters for specific items to be flagged in your feed. We bought a blow-up hot tub that doesn't get as hot as I like for about 100 clams.

kerry said...

Hey there! Thanks for the comments - good tip on the FB groups. :)

kenju said...

Sorry about the tummy ailment. Hoorah for hot tubs I could surely use one now, after cooking fir 12 people this weekend. I'm still in my robe, and on the day of 72*, that's a sin and a shame!!

kerry said...

Kenju - you could always just step out in that robe and make no apologies for it. Cooking for that kind of dinner party can take the pep out of your step!

OF - the bug indeed has cleared. Took about 36 hours but I feel fine now. Weird little illness, that one.