Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Everyone has a bad day now and again

Yesterday, I embroiled y'all in a tale of high anxiety and hot tempers.  Oh, it was saucy and vicious, allright, what with all the CATS and death wishes.

I felt pretty good about my righteous indignation, I did.

Until she called back.


She was having a bad day, and really likes us as neighbors, and wanted to apologize for being so touchy, etc etc blahblahblah.

NOW where am I going to put all my rage, HUH?


It's nearly 7 p.m., and I signed off of work half an hour ago.  My first meeting tomorrow is in 11.5 hours.  Yep - 7 a.m.

I'll be signing off at 3, just you watch me.


Question for all you pet owners out there: do you have your furry buddies in bed with you at night, or do they sleep elsewhere?

Wern sleeps on a dog bed next to our bed at night, the cats sleep in the house if they're indoors for the night.

Some folks though are firmly in the crate arena, and others are just as staunchly in the 'let's all crawl in bed together' zone.

Our system works for us, bcs I KNOW the animals aren't fully shed of fleas and dirt, so what makes you welcome them to bed or safely tuck them into their own little dens for the night?

Inquiring minds want to know.


Blogger is losing it's mind.  When I start to write a post the font is so small I can barely read it, and that's at the 'normal' setting (about 8-point font, if I'm any guesser).  When I switch it to 'large' font, things BALLOON up to something around 20-point font, and there's no in-between size.

Neither of which has anything to do at all with how the font appears on the post, of course.  Can't have things making sense all willy-nilly.

Are you a fan of the larger font?  I think I am, and if this site was in mobile device layout, I'm sure that's how it would be.  One giant picture at the top, and nothing but big beefy font scrolling allaway down.


Tip to the Wise: Keebler 'Flip Sides' Pretzel Cracker are a poor, poor imitation of Pretzel Crisps.

Do not be fooled.


Tiff out.


renn said...

I'm glad that neighbor lady called back and made things right. Lack of sleep will surely make one grouchy. Could she benefit from help with the feline army that she has amassed? I could keep an eye out for sale kitty food, or some nice salmon packets. (I now feel bad for being mean...)

renn said...

Our big dog has his own couch/bed, and he sleeps on it...sometimes. He has been known to army crawl up our bed in the middle of the night to snuggle between us, though - usually when it's cold. Little dog sleeps with Nooze. She has her own bed, but generally prefers the end of Nooze's bed.

Both dogs are on flea/tick regimens, so I'm not particularly worried about any issues.

kenju said...

Glad the neighbor turned nice.
Moppet sleeps with me mist of the time, but she makes hourly runs into Jim's room. No fleas to worry about, and the ringworm is almost gone.

tiff said...

Our pets are on flea and tick and 'things' regimen too, but dang if by the end of the month it needs doing again. I'm fine if they're ON the bed, but not IN it, if you know what I mean.

Middle Girl said...

I'm glad the neighborlady apologized. Still, she may need to make some minor adjustioms to the cats to human ratio.

Our pooch is crated most of the day during the week. Otherwise she's with me or my daughter. If the pooch is in her room she'd rather sleep under the bed. When she's in my room, she prefers to sleep atop the bed. I think because I don't have a rug. The cats are never outdoors and Pete would never get on anyone's bed IF there is already someone on it. Buttah is our dog-cat and wants to be wherever people are. He is a cuddler, that one.

No comment on the snacks.