Sunday, December 06, 2015

Been a while

When I log in to Blogger to update this site-lette, if helpfully tells me when I last posted.

This time?  It's been since 30 September.

More than 2 months ago.

Oh, I've had things to say, but so much of that ilk of drivel gets spilled in Facebook, leaving me semi-top(ic)less for any real bloggery.

EXCEPT, I don't put nearly as much on FB as I'd like, because I practice impulse control on occasion.  So, in case you're interested, here are some of the things I WAS going to put on Facebook that I decided not to because I am selective about where I overshare:


I don't think I am anybody's best friend at the moment.

I don't think I've been anybody's best friend for many years.

Not having or being a best friend doesn't bother me as much as it probably ought to, but it does get lonely around holiday time.  A nice big circle of friends to celebrate with is great for the holidays.

All too often I have songs from the '70's on the mental jukebox.  Olivia Newton-John, anyone?  No?  How about some Carpenters, or BTO?  Or would you like a slice of 'Afternoon Delight' to quench your hunger?

I too am shocked by all the gun violence, and think owning a semi-automatic weapon is senseless.

I do not believe that quote you've attributed to the Muslim in Chief is accurate.  Perhaps you should do a little fact-checking before posting lies.

Just because I am of a certain political bent does not mean I hate Jesus and want to give all your money away to people who refuse to work.

Just because I'm a Christian doesn't mean I think you have to be too.  I don't even think that some CHRISTIANS should call themselves that.

I love bacon.  Yes, I know it's made from animal flesh.  I like chicken too, and beef.  Lamb, goat, fish, shellfish too!  I do not believe that milk is poison, and cheese is one of my favorite foods.  You have every right to feel proud of yourself if you do not eat those foods, but that is your choice.  Please do not try to convince me on Facebook that  I need to completely overhaul my (delicious) eating style.

Global warming / climate change is a real thing.

It's possible that GMOs are as safe to have in this world as a dachshund, a creature also created by modifying genetics.


Do you happen to see a pattern in my holdbacks?  Possibly that they are attention-seeking and/or provocative?  Maybe that they would tick someone off, or come across as self-pitying?  This is not the profile I want on social media like FB, I like most of my FB buddies and want to, at the core, not piss anybody off.

Even when I have something to say.

There's enough trauma in the world.  Nobody needs to get in a shouting match because they disagree with someone else's opinion.

Though I do offer up the occasional Snopes page if I think someone can handle it.  Not everyone wants their assumptions and warm cozy rut to be disturbed.

Even me.

So I will leave these things to my dim and dusty corner of the internet, hoping to expunge my wee rages here instead of fanning any flames on a huge social media site that should be nothing more than shares of cute animal videos and photos of people at parties.  We'd all be so much happier that way, wouldn't we?

Shaking my tiny passive/aggressive fists of rage,
Tiff out.


Middle Girl said...

In this we are twins.

Speaking volumes to me.

Especially today. (vague-blog-responding, as that may be).

Suzanne said...

I'm standing right next to you shaking my own pitiful fists of rage, carefully choosing when to speak and more often just keeping it zipped. Life in America in 2015 is bizarre. Peace to you.

Blonde Goddess said...

I am in 100% agreement with everything you said here. Everything. I feel exactly the same way. So much so that it's almost like you read my mind.
I am terribly grateful for you and your honest post today. It gives me hope that maybe humanity can be saved and maybe we won't destroy ourselves with our arrogance and hatred.

renn said...

I'm right there with you, right down to the "best friend".

When I see "name your 3rd grade best friend" memes, I am tempted to write "The imaginary one, or the one who did 10 years for vehicular manslaughter (OUI)?" Since precious few "get" me, it's easier to just scroll past.

kenju said...

I agree with much of what you said; however, I am constantly told by family that I overshare, don't know when to quit, etc. I don't have a best friend either - mine died 4 years ago and no one stepped into the breach. Makes me sad.

Jennifer said...

If we lived closer, we would be best friends. In part, because we are the same person in all the right places and different people in all the interesting ones.

Hell with that lived closer business. We should just jump the broom and do it. LOL

Do you like me? CHECK ONE.


Rachelle Loyear said...

It bothers me how often I type angry screeds in response to RIDICULOUS memes and then delete them because I don't want to start a thing.

Why can we not have decent discussions online? I'm so so sad lately on facebook... we are all so... angry. Not listening to each other.