Thursday, September 03, 2015

The hazards of working from home, and why I might just be the most boring person ever

My job involves a computer and access to data and templates and sometimes people and a calendar and all the modern trappings of a corporate paper-shuffler's dream.

Read:  I can work at home when I want.

If I have meetings and such, I will go in to the office to put in some 'face time,' and to escape from the loving clutches of the Tiny House, if only so I can return at the end of the day with a sigh of happiness to be free of the world.  I don't MIND going in so much as I LOVE being home.

Isolation isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's just make you much less apt to:
  • Change out of PJs until it's either time to go run errands or a family member is due to come home
  • Shower
  • Want to go, anywhere
  • Talk to people

Pretty much a terrific, wouldn't you agree?  Sit around at home stewing in my own juices until I have to go out, at which time I may or may not shower, then put on some of my favorite ratty clothes, venture out for necessaries, then run home quick to the hospitable quiet environs of home.  Wherein I complete whatever tasks I have on hand with a minimum of noise, fuss, or bother.

On days I have to go into the office?  Oh, Lordy.  It's a process.  I have to shower, COMB MY HAIR, put on office- acceptable clothing, brush my dang teeth (OK, I do that anyhow, but sometimes not until after lunch if I'm at home.  I know,  EWW), and then drive 45 minutes to the building in which my cubicle is planted.  Then I have to talk to people, listen to them talk to one another, smell their lunches and coffee, pray the 'good stall' in the bathroom is open when I need to use it, and manage to sit at my desk doing stuff for at least 5 hours until I can spring myself from society and drive the 45 minutes back home, avec happy sigh on pulling into the driveway.

I may have problems with social stuff.  IT'S WHO I AM.  No judging from you.

The question is: is the job (ie, working at home a lot) making me more boring and unsocial, or was I that way already and the tendency is just now manifesting itself like a genie released from a cubicle-shaped bottle?

This, along with the previously mentioned life stage of Not Being Busy People, is causing me to question whether or not I truly AM the most boring person ever, of if I should just embrace my love of all things solitary and recommence trying to memorize all the episodes of Star Trek TOS in order and coming up with new ways to cook with chicken.

Near-future career options have me believing that come the end of this year, I'll be moving on to ground beef and Dr. Who, but more on that later.

Tiff out.


kenju said...

I used to love staying at home to work - alone - but that was back when my husband was still working. Now that he's here all the time,I"d love to have a place to go to work (had I the energy.)

rennratt said...

You aren't boring. As John Kerry* once noted about his stepson, [you] simply "like your quiet".

*Kerry said this to journalists who were trying to get the stepson on record regarding politics, etc. When he ignored them ans walked away, Kerry responded that his stepson was a good guy, he.just didn't care to be involved with "public". I loved the protection/comment, mostly because I can relate. 😉

Middle Girl said...

My commute is an hour and a half (each way) on the better commuting days and after an 8 hour day, a 3 hour (round trip) commute, I am spent. By the end of the week, I am beyond spent. I have done precious little in the way of social this summer, heck this year--or ever, really.

You boring? Nope.