Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Oh for F*(&s sake

Years from now it is likely that the furore being experienced in the hearts and (I guess they are) minds of some folks is going to seem quaint and adorable by most of the people who are still around to remember this one earth-shattering thing that has happened that can now never unhappen:


OMGOMGOMGOMG!  Where's the bomb shelter?  How do I protect my children?  What has this world come to that a man's man like Bruce is now a lady named Caitlyn?  It's an outrage!!  He can't be a she!  He's a he and he needs to be a he because if he is now a she then all my teenage broodings over how great a 'he' he was are now in vain because he was living a lie and liars are sinners and sinners go to hell and in my Heaven Bruce Jenner should be there gleaming like the god he is, medals around his burly neck and his glorious hair blowing in the celestial breeze!  Damn! 

Who wants to be a LADY, for crying out loud?

Well, me.

I am a lady, who never really felt all that 'girly.'  Don't think that makes me less of a lady because I tend to not think like one.  Does that make me a boy?  No.

I have a sound mind, a strong one, even, and while I don't tip around in girly acroutrements and preen over hair and makeup or get tall worked up over the newest fashions and manicure styles and Who Has The Biggest Diamond, I can be as much of a lady as the next man.  Or female.  I don't think it's about the outside as much as the inside, in other words.

I am a lady, who often feels much more like a guy.  I'm basic, simple, and now that I'm old I have much less drama and hormones to flood my physical being with what was chromosomally determined at conception, I have pared back to what I believe I really am, which is a PERSON.


Imagine.  Wanting to be the person you are.  What nerve.

Well, Caitlyn (nee Bruce) Jenner has been trying to be what she isn't for well over 30 years.  THIRTY.  Let her have a moment when she feels just right in who she is, even if the plumbing might not match the rest of the remodel.  Who gives a tiny crap about something as insignificant as that, when someone can finally say something as banal (to me) as 'hey, I like jeans and a tee just fine, no need for pantyhose and perfume here,' or, more likely, 'I like me in a dress and heels and big hair like Julia Roberts in Steel Magnolias.' 

Word: It's not the end of the world.  This transitioning doesn't reflect on YOUR gender situation (unless it does, and then I hope in some way what is happening right now helps you).  It's not as though this sort of thing has never happened before.  This is not the first time.  It's HER first time, though, and I think that while it might be confusing and strange and really uncomfortable for some folks, in the end it's about finding what make a person comfortable and at  peace that matters, and not what they wear or who they are becoming, or have become.

It's just not that huge a deal, except for him.  A little support would be great instead of a heaping helping of obnoxious bullying and creepy innuendo (Mike Huckablech!).

God.  Give me a spirit of graciousness and understanding in this moment.  Remind me to be civil and not fan flames of hatred and discomfort.  Let me be the open arms, the understanding heart, the sought-for peace.

Rant over.


kenju said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly and I hope that all the so-called Christians who are up-in-arms over this change will pay heed to your last paragraph.

I cannot imagine how it feels to live all your life thinking that you are in the wrong body. How sad to have to live a lie. Can anyone summon up some compassion for Caitlyn? I surely have.

Mahala said...


Middle Girl said...

Chaz Bono
Janet Mock
Laverne Cox
and hundreds, if not thousands, if not more . . .

yes, compassion. yes, grace. yes, access. yes, humanity.

Rachelle said...

Agree with all that.

But I'd also love the other side to rein it in a little on the OMG YOU ARE SO BRAVE AND HEROIC AND MUST BE LAUDED FOR YOUR COURAGE!!!

I am pretty damn liberal.. and have been in "activist" circles and all that. But, damn... a rich white dude who transitions to being a rich white chick? "Hero"? When soldiers, cops, firemen, EMTs put their lives on the line for strangers? "Courageous"? When a single black mom raises her kids in a gang-controlled hood? "Brave"? When there are LBGT folks all over the world who are in ACTUAL peril of being killed or hurt if they come out because they don't have their money and fame to insulate them?

I'd just like to give that a bit of a rest, is all.

LL said...

Whoa, whoa, whoa...

You're a lady Tiffy?

Wow... way to drop a bomb...

FavCDM said...

Way to go, KR - errrr Tiff! Totally agree. Also liked Rachelle's POV.