Tuesday, March 03, 2015

NOW what?

Fair warning, this is turning into a weather blog, because chit's been crazy around these parts lately what with All the Winter and Suchlike.

No kidding, fully one MONTH of winter.  It's like living in the Arctic, or Connecticut!

So, naturally, after all that winter, comes this forecast for tomorrow:



Today = gray and rainy and wet wet wet and cold (again); tomorrow will be, apparently, MAY.

And almost no chance of rain.

<Celebration break> Oooo-WEE!  Happy happy happy dance, move yo' tiny feet!  Happy happy happy dance, to the Springtime beat!  Wooo!!!!!</Celebration break>

It's a though the weather has heard the collective groaning in NC and allowed a 1-day respite, a reversion to what it's almost supposed to be like here at this time of year (normally closer to mid-50's), to tease us and please us before bringing back the rest of the week's weather woes:
  • Thursday - high of 50, rainy
  • Friday - high of 38, cloudy
  • Saturday - high of 53, partly cloudy
  • Sunday - high of 60, partly cloudy.
Well, OK.  Friday will be a pure misery, but maybe I can allow my hopeful heart to allow in a speck of positive thinking that the Terrible Month of Winter might finally be leaving town.

Please God, make it so.  Hear my prayer.


Tiff out.


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dandelionfleur said...

I was over winter three months ago!

LL said...

Hang in there trooper...