Sunday, March 01, 2015

Nature doesn't understand hyperbole.

OK, the last time I posted I was being 'funny.'

No, really.

It was meant to be a humorous look at the way Southerners react to the portend of dire weather conditions, and not AN ACTUAL INVITATION for such direness to show up and stay awhile.

Let me complain:

We got snow.  Many snow.  Many much snows, to heaping proportions.  Like, 6 inches.

If it had be fluffy-bunny snow, it would have been 2 feet.


Not fluffy bunny snow here, but CLYDESDALE snow, with tromping clods of slush being flung from on high, so dense that it was, nearly, coming down in already-formed snowballs.

Then, some folks lost power.  We did not, and felt happy.

Then, it started to melt, then froze over.  Nothing good can come of this.

By last Friday, the ice of the morning gave way to a reasonably clear afternoon, so I ventured out to get supplies and to see what and-of-days things were going on since I last glimpsed the bigger world three days before.

Kind of like this...the snowslides
Nothing much had changed, but the size of the puddles.  And the amount of snow sliding off the roof, which, because it was so heavy, completely obliterated the boxwoods out front.

Ka-RASH.  Goodbye, shrubs.

That was the 'good' day.  Then Saturday came, with more precipitation, ice, general horribleness to scare one into a preppers lifestyle at least as far as stocking up on good movies and batteries are concerned.

Today?  FREEZING RAIN.  Temps hovering around freezing, so any trip out would be a real adventure of 'spot the black ice!' before spinning out and over and an embankment, where you'd join several other cars who Also Did Not See It Coming.

All the while, the rain came down.

I think we own lakefront property now, is what I'm hinting at.

And I don't own a pair of boots.

On the upside, it's supposed to be in the upper 50's on Wednesday!  And then Thursday?  35 degrees and RAIN.

We need to go buy some paddles.

Tiff out.


Middle Girl said...

the weather has gone cukcoo for coco puffs, nearly everywhere.

ya'll be careful.

oldfriend said...

Ah, you got the Richmond weather pattern this year I see. I'm done with it as well.

kenju said...

I could not be more disgusted with out weather - or with Thursday's forecast.

Mahala said...

It's supposed to hit 71° in the holler today. Tres weird.