Tuesday, February 03, 2015

I married a what?

Recently, Biff joined forced with some guys with a Wild Obsession here in the Triangle area and is now back to playing bass and rocking the socks off the general populace.

Part of this required that he, somehow, was tasked with putting together a sound system for the band.  Tasked might actually be too strong a word.  Volunteered could be more like it, but as I'm unsure of the genesis of his recent projects I shall assign blame to the band and not volunteer Biff for such flights of fancy.

At any rate, over the past couple of months he's been amassing, by many a clever means, things with buttons and knobs and wires and more knobs and some sliders and displays, and has built an amp rack and ramp and cases and organizers and All One Might Need to be a Rock Star.

I did not know he could do this, or knew so much.

OK, the DO it part I might have guessed at, because at this point in our relationship if one day he woke up and said "I've figured out dark matter, let me go to the shed and make some" I wouldn't be all that terribly surprised.  He's Frigging smart, is what I'm saying, and can cobble together may a thing the mere man might hesitate to tackle.

The KNOWING stuff though.  Damn.

So, like any good wife, I asked him about it this evening as he was rhapsodizing about a new thing he just purchased on eBay that will act as a subspace partition to create a vacuum in the Heygate Continuum (his words) that will allow enough rigid leeway in the aural vorticies to engage equilibrium and, emphasis here, DAMPEN ALL FEEDBACK!

"How you know all this stuff, man?'

"Well dear, let me just dust off my smoking jacket of the smattering of awesome I just emitted and tell you a tale of how this new hobby of mine, the, oh, demi obsession, has writ large in my life as a closet gearhead.  Why, as  boy I was engaged in learning about all things mechanical and mineral. of mathical and biographical, of anthropomorphical and physical, and I determined that I am, what is known in the common parlance, as a bit of a gearhead."

"But gears, dear?  Aren't they for steampunks?"

"Tish tosh, my lady!  Gears are for people who like GEAR!  Be it climbing or music of computers or rodayo, GEAR is the stuff that gets things to the Next Level, and one cannot ever have enough or know too much about it if you have a passion (nay, PASSIONS) for activities and pasttimes that require it!"

"Gracious, darling!  That is illuminary and positively expostulatory!"

"Indeed it is.  Now, please excuse me while I go troll the interwebs for more items that shall induce a harmonious noise in the new Wild Obsession of mine."

"Of course.  I will go start preparing dinner."

"I shall assist, if you so desire."

"That's OK, my hero.  I will work my saucy magicks on supper while you drill into the inner workings of such sites and delights as please you in your pursuit of the creation of a true sonic wormhole, or whatever it is you're doing over there."


Totes a transcript, becasue that's how we talk around here.  Making conversation with polymaths requires a strong vocabulary and an even stronger sense of whimsy.

Tiff out.


kenju said...

You are too funny and Biff is still a keeper.

LL said...

Your conversation was just like I pictured...