Tuesday, February 10, 2015

But of course, don't you?

Thing 1 is into the cosplay thing.

I wholeheartedly support this course of action.  It's a creative use of time that involves planning, execution of an idea, effort, and creativity.

To that end, I encased his face in plaster of Paris tonight, and made him lie still for 20 minutes, on order to cast his gorgeous face for a mask.

If only I could make Wern do the same!

As it was our inaugural outing with such shenanigans, I had no high hopes for the final outcome, but let me say: those three instructional sites I read and the research, however penurious, that we did, resulted in a semi-successful outcome.

To wit: there is now a likeness of his face resting on our mantel, drying.

A Mother's love, right there.

The mask will, in time, be turned into (I think) a skull mask, but that is up to himself.  I just know I had fun plastering plaster-of-paris-infused webbing all over his face and watching him have to sit still for 20 minutes.

Oh, if only this had worked when he was a toddler.

-Tiff out.


kenju said...

I am not quite sure what cosplay is, but I'd like to know.

db grin said...

Cosplay is a mashup of Costume and Play. It's popular at conventions like Comicon, where fans of comics, artworks, or shows get together. There are forums with artists and stars, workshops, and entertainment. Raleigh has a big show called Animazement in May. Many attendants dress up like characters from their favorite shows.

Middle Girl said...

Way back when, I created a mask of my face in the same manner. It was for an art class. The mask became part of a piece of sculpture that sold. Not for the first time have I wished for photos of the piece.

Fun stuff. Great mom.

LL said...

D'Argo on his way then?