Wednesday, July 23, 2014

In other news

I wore a skirt today.

First time in years.

It was, and is, very comfortable.

Except for the chub rub on the inner thigh.

Which resulted in a less-than-feminine walking stance.

I need to work on this skirt thing some more, obviously.

Still, it's pretty and swooshy and I love it and it's not too see-through.  Will wear again.

Thanks, Ruth, for letting me shop in your closet.


kenju said...

I have seen you in skirts, and it cannot have been five years, can it?

Shiny Rod said...

Now how did I miss that... :)

tiff said...

It's easily been 3 years. Too long! They're fun!

the only daughter said...

I love that other people are wearing skirts. Yay you. :-)

oldfriend said...

Yay for new-to-you clothes! If the chub rub bothers you they make a running product (called Glide or some such) to counteract. :) I just live with it.

Warped Mind of Ron said...

Pictures or it never happened!!!